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Pretty sure I got my money's worth

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Dean Eechaute

Jan 3, 2021
Blair, NE
Here is my Cadet 1864 that purchased new back in 1993 when my wife and I purchased our first house. After the initial break in period I only put Mobil 1 10w30 oil in it. Over the years I have had to pull the engine 3 times for oil leaks at the crankshaft, cleaning up the cooling fins on the engine and occasional coil pack. Had an issue a couple of years ago with the engine running on when the ignition was turned off. Replaced the fuel shut off solenoid which cleared that up but then had issues getting it started. No power to the shut off solenoid. Thought I chanced it down to the main start switch assy but still acted up. Decided to try another approach. The hour meter stopped working years ago so I wired the solenoid to the hour meter circuit and has been running fine since. I just go thru it each spring, cleaning the deck, sharpening the blades, oil and lub. The old girl is a mowing machine. Being in Business Aviation we have moved quite a bit. Had property from 3.5 to 7 acres over the years. The Cadet has made each move and shows no signs of slowing down. Told my wife the Cadet will last longer than our marriage. We celebrate 30 years in October and so far both are holding up good. Back in 93 the Garden Series Cubs were not cheap but I'm pretty sure I got my money's worth. Dean


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Like your 1966 Goat too..
You got a good eye! The GTO is waiting its turn for restoration. Got a couple 1964 Olds in the shop. A 88 convertible and a Jetstar 1. I plan on putting the interior, seats, and console from the Jetstar in the convertible. I was never a fan of the Slim Jim tranny and 394 engine. Got a 425 olds engine and 400 tranny that I will mount up in it. Dean
I was going to get the 1863, did not see the need for the power steering. Dealer threw it in for free to seal the deal. Glad I have it! I also got the optional 54 inch deck. One heck of a grass eating machine. Growing up I used a JD 120. Had a smaller deck on it and never cut grass very well. Just think the blades were too small to cut well. I was going to get a JD. We had them growing up and living in the Quad Cities, you were definitely in JD country. I had moved to Nashville and stopped by the JD dealer. They had switched to Kawasaki engines. I had to have a Koehler engine. That is why I ended up with my 1864 and never looked back. Dean
Next question is when is the ole girl (1864) gonna be treated to a full cosmetic restoration to reward it for it's service?
Next question is when is the ole girl (1864) gonna be treated to a full cosmetic restoration to reward it for it's service?
Good question. Some parts are getting harder to find. Love to put a new cowling on it but I'm pretty sure those are now obsolete also. Had to do some hard searching just to find the boots for the shaft drive. No longer available, had to find used in decent condition and make them work. Thank goodness they use the same seal on the steering shaft. Those hold up better with age. Dean

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