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Archive through September 28, 2003

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Kraig, yes it definately helps!!! Thanks!!!! 8o)

Art, a rendition just for you:
"Yooooouuuu, light up my life, you give me hope, to carry oooonn, you light up my life...."

The only proper way to finish this off would be:
"Thank you, Thank you very much!"
Speaking of the hood vib dampers, did they use
anything like that on the XX2/3 series at the front? My 123 hood rattles at the front pretty bad. It has new rubber rollers on the rear and the hood hinge holes have never been broken or repaired. I have the hinge bolts fairly tight.
I know it is rattling against the nubs that stick up from the grille casting. If I push down on the hood with my hand there, it stops rattling. Also
the cross brace is intact.
Yes Tedd, you do. They <font size="+2">REALLY, REALLY SUCK!!</font>
Just what the sad Packers need to revive themselves, play the hopeless Bears.

To keep it on topic, if everything goes as planned, I will have both tractors ready for plow day by the end of the day Wednesday. It will give me some time to play before the day comes.
Ryan-Jim came and saw me today and I said "diesel" too. I guess the obvious ain't that obvious sometimes...
While on the subject of bumpers for the 1x6/1x7 NF, what about the anti-vibration tape that goes on the pedestal where the rear of the hood hits? What about the cushion that goes between the fenders and rear of the seat? Mine is since long gone.

Richard Lathrop,
I was able to buy the anti-vibration tape from my Cub dealer. You could probably buy plain old dense, foam tape for there. For the seat snubbers, I went to my local hardware store and found some gromments for wiring that are working just fine.
Note to self: DON'T buy used vehicles from John Buszkiewicz.

Got the clutch and steel motor mounts back from MO yesterday. Hoping to complete the anchor - oops, I mean 1000 - over the next couple of days and test it out. :eek:)

Too bad they don't rent those, I'd have one going this weekend, the moles have taken over my back yard, It's like hitting potholes while you mow!
Joe M.

Let me know if u are going to PA. PD
I might need a small item picked up

George H
John- You need MORE FUEL if you can see the white.
What was your ET/speed?

I got a few goodies, but have not been able to put them on yet.
Art - At least I'm not picking on yer Green Bay football team!!! Ya know we gotta pick on someone and yer the one!!

(Message edited by hsimon on September 30, 2003)
Richard - I cut a strip of 1/8" cork that I got from NAPA and glued it on with weather striping adhesive. Its has been on there for 3 years and has held up well.
"A swing and a miss"...
I'm not a Packer fan, you can pick on them all you want. <font size="-2">Now Kraig on the other hand......</font>
Hugh, it wouldn't do any good to harass Art (aka, Carl), about the Packers, Art is a Viking fan.
Under edit: I knew I should have hit refresh before I posted that....... :eek:)

Hey "Carl", actually I'm not really that much of a football fan, go Kenseth!!!! :eek:)

(Message edited by kmcconaughey on September 30, 2003)

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