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Archive through September 28, 2003

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May 1, 2003
Charles McCarty
John P,
Thanks for the pic. Looks like something I would like to try - but then I'll have to move up to a Red 782D (with the pump turned up) and a 3 point hitch. My one bottom is all my armstrong lift wants to deal with.

Thanks to all for all of the tire fix suggestions. I will definitely try one or more to get my flats fixed permanetly. If one of these works, I also have a Grand Prix with factory mags that are clear coated and also leak down. Aggrivating.

Again...Thanks for all the suggestions.

I'll ask my son Tim for u. Seems last week at religion he was offered anything he wants OCC. A kid in his class mom does all the Marketing for them. Tim saw their (OCC) trailer in the Bronx last weekend there was some cop ride. And jsut up the street here there were 3,000 bikes riding to ground zero.
Well, after 4000+ miles, 10 trips, and 4 rainstorms, with the pickup between WI and IA, I'm all moved except a couple of Cub items which I may try for next weekend.

After moving with my pickup and 14' trailer I know one thing for sure, NOT AGAIN, I'm renting a moving truck . . . . especially today after the fuel tank swich went south in the Home Depot parking lot, had to unplug the fog light switch and relay and run the fuel pump power through there. I guess the only lucky part that I was near the front door to about any tool I needed . . . and my wife didn't hesitate at ANY tool purchases today!

...and here all this time I thought you were a good guy!

Don't sing!
Has anyone ever come up with a good solution for chraging problems? I've got a 149, 129, and 100 with K301, none of which will hold a charge, new battery or old. I've tried new voltage regulators with hardly any improvement. I've swapped starter/generators. I'd like a solid state regulator if there is one which will work properly with our starter/generators. If not, maybe a single wire alternator driven off the rear of the engine. How about it?
Mark H.
I see you're from Indiana. Where at exactly? Maybe if were close we can get together sometime?
Brian S., any chance you could post some photos of the prototype 127? Please?
I get the feeling that most of us have a brinly plow... Just out of curiousity- how many of us have disc harrows from Brinly?
I don't know if Brian S. has pictures of his and Mary's 127 yet, but I took these at Cub-Arama.
. I don't remember the S/N or have a picture of it, but from the type of tag and the number on it, it would appear IH assembled this unit/test-mule/"prototype" using a 125 as a base. The hood latches probably work better than what they used on production models, but are a little awkward to operate.

I was told the S/N on this before I ever saw it, and the S/N number is 4-5 months prior to the beginning 127 production numbers if I remember correctly. That CRS stuff is starting to set in

(Message edited by pbell on September 29, 2003)
Paul, thanks!!! Do you recall if it had the 72,1x4/5 style grill insert or the 73,1x6/7 type, (I can't quite tell from the photo)?
A quick look at the various brochure, sales literature for the 73,1x6/7 series that I have and it looks like several of the photo shoot models had the prototype latches. Cool stuff.......

It has the grill insert with the "stripe's" like the 127. My thoughts were it might have been one built for either the photo shoot, and/or testing because of the earlier S/N. Brian will have to tell you the S/N, but it seems like it was from the Mar-Apr-May 1969 time frame, and 127's started in Aug 69.

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