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Feb 5, 2004
Jeff Derstine
I guess I'm going to get beat

I was not aware of that rule but will remember it from this day forward. I had to do some running and missed the window to edit my post.
Does anyone know what kind of hydraulic pressure the Cubs normally put out? I'm building a hydraulic system for my 100 using a GM power steering pump and it puts out around 1200 PSI but at that pressure the belt starts slipping so I'm going to shim the relief valve in the pump to lower the pressure. I'm thinking 7-800 PSI should be more than enough.
the 128 clutch is all done guys. i spent the first part of the afternoon pulling the engine and swapping all the parts. it drives better than it ever did, i love it now
ive got some pics ill put up tonight, but i made a video of the first run and drive after being put together. hope yall enjoy

re the mower decks on the narrow frame and wide frame IH cubs inter changeable. In other words can you take a mower deck from a wide frame cub and put it on a narrow frame cub???? thanks
I think I'm almost there.

I took everything off the tractor, the mule drive, the subframe, the deck, then I put it all back on again.
Except this time I did it the way you are probably supposed to, piece by piece. I used to wrestle the whole deck-subframe assembly under there in one piece. Dont ask me how. :)

This time I put the subframe in first...and guess what? It still kept sliiding off the tines. But for some reason it suddenly stopped slipping, and I dont know why. It stayed. Even when I put weight on it, it stayed. It must be something to do with how I put it on this time although for the life of me I cant see why it makes a difference. But I came away from it with satisfaction of a job well done, a job done carefully and correctly the way its supposed to be done, instead of my usual haphazard "lets try this" approach. Its a satisfaction I've rarely known. In that moment I knew that no longer would I do stupid, dangerous things, I would be careful and make sure to do things right.

Then I hooked up my portable jump starter, fireworks flew and I melted the lead + terminal off my battery. I still cant cut my lawn.
happy weekend ,,,, started up the 149 to mow and halfway through it started oil smoke out the exhaust opened the hood and there is oil leaking out one of the head bolts, checked the torque and it is correct. any one got a clue?
<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

In that moment I knew that no longer would I do stupid, dangerous things, I would be careful and make sure to do things right.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1>quote:</font>

Then I hooked up my portable jump starter, fireworks flew and I melted the lead + terminal off my battery.<!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote>


What happened to that first part ????
Lanny - Blew a gasket I reckon. If so it'll burn a gouge right out the head.
hasn't seemed to lose any compression and and it id one of the 2 head studs it don't make sense
Gasket has to be blown to get oil out the head and maybe the rings broke to get oil up there.

Could be oil coming through the valve IF the crankcase breather is stopped up or installed upside down.
I'm picking up a 122 tomorrow and whichever engine is in worse shape ( the 122 or my 125 ) is getting torn down and rebuilt.

Is there a step by step instruction or just start taking stuff off the front of the tractor to take the engine out?

Lanny,possible hot spot caused by plugged cooling fins,which can be caused by chaff/grass clippings or maybe a mouse nest in the blower housing. A hot spot can cause cyl wall scuffing and/or burned piston and major ring failure.
Suddenly today my 1450 stopped moving and the mower lift stopped working. Hoped it was a linkage thing, but that appears to not be the problem. Is this a hydraulic pump failure? Any suggestions?
cc106 pto im a correct that the pto comes off after removing set screws. how would i go about getting into the holes because there half under the outter hub.

I'd bet you lost the roll pin in the driveshaft where it attaches to the engine... Common issue..

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