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Contaminated Hydraulic oil,

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Feb 23, 2010
Jack Marks
Someone on this site surely will give me the advice I seek!!
I have a 354 IH Utility tractor that I was adding Hydraulic fluid to,, and I was distracted while doing so,, when I realized that the Five gallon bucket of fluid had a crack in the lid,, you guessed it WATER in the fluid, not sure how much of the contaminated fluid went in but whatever!!
I had to get the tractor off the road, so I’m sure the whole system is contaminated!
I’ll drain the system but should I “maybe” run some kerosene through it to flush it out??
Any help appreciated
You may have to drain and refill a couple of times to get all of the moisture out. I had a Cub that had a milkshake for hydro fluid. I used cheap Tractor Supply fluid to flush it out, and once I saw consistent clean fluid, I changed filters to OEM, and went with genuine Hytran oil. It's been working good and quiet now for 3 years.

Kerosene may damage seals and o-rings in the system.
Yes I figured I’d need to flush it out with fresh fluid, I just thought some sort of solvent solution might be a good idea also!
Thanks for your reply!