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OK, some GOOD NEWS. The people who had a tree in their house now have housing until they get a closing on their new digs. It seems a couple found new employment in Texas, but couldnt sell their old house here in town. They heard of the family plight, called their real estate agent and told them to give the keys to my neighbors until they get reestablished. There still are great people in this world!
Up here in NE NY we have towns that are gone. Cattle floating, farm equipment going down the river. Its a big mess. One of the guys at work lost his house.
Thats an awful thing to happen to people. Did you know The President is due to inspect Patterson NJ on Sunday?<font size="-2">(Must be looking for votes).</font> He should be going thru the far northern states instead.
OK, guess this will be the last post here for me. People noted that the roots on the fallen tree looked in poor shape...they were along with the lower part of the tree.



Had he known about this device he might have been able to take preemptive action. <font size="-2">If he had $5 or 6 K to pay for it!</font>
Allen - What kind of tree is that ?
<font size="-2">one more post Allen</font>

All - Am I the only one that has been having problems with email and other websites not loading or timing out since Irene ??
Ken, that was a Beech tree. Neighbor next to me has two large ones in his back yard, and both have lost a few limbs. Seems like a brittle wood even when healthy.
RE: commo...Your mail goes out, but doesn't return. Times at least twice recently. You have a stubborn ISP or a nasty firewall. Did you look in the 'trash bin' lately. I'm still waiting for a recent production. YES YES
Allen - I thought that looked like a Beech but I couldn't say fer sure this far away. We had a few at the farm down around the creek fields that got blown over and they were hollow too and about half to three quarters thicker than that one.
<font size="-2">out going</font>
Wow, those were BIG trees !
<font size="-2">Incoming flight made a good landing. Return flight should have landed at about 2:50pm.</font>
Allen - Hit my profile for backup email address and please resend
No disaster here in Citrus Co. at least at my 2 acres but there is mucho flooding in other counties from Tropical Storm Debby hanging out for 5 days now just below Apalachicola Fl. or there about in the northern Gulf of Mexico. I have literally not seen the Sun in these past 4-5 days, however it's peaking through as I type now late in the day.

Here is a shot of the back of the property that is low. Maybe I should stock it with some bass..LOL

I hope all of our Florida cubbers are O.K.

I don't wanna hear anyone cryin' about too much rain. (not pickin on ya', Richard) No rain in forever.. Fricken' goes north or south of us!! I DON'T GET IT!!
we're in the same boat here in the McHenry county area too. Suppozta' be 102 here on thursday. That sux! 8-(
We've got a good ice storm starting in Eastern North Carolina. The wood pile is already slicked over. Looks like they knew what they were doing when they salted the roads last night. Hope it doesn't get bad out there.