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Jul 21, 2023
Central North Carolina
I do not own a Cub Cadet at this time, but hope that will change soon. I am wanting to find an old IH Cub Cadet to use as a worker on my 3.75 acres. I have a decent newer mower to take care of grass but want something with a stouter trans and drive train to pull stuff. No ground engagement anticipated but trailers, small trees that are down etc. I know there are other colors with power steering (one of those nearby that hasn't moved in 2 years) but the Cub Cadet just looks tougher to me. Surprisingly I have seen two Cub Cadets within 5 miles of my house. Each is about 80 yards off the road grown up in grass and weeds but no trees growing through either one that I can tell from the road. One sat in the front yard until 3 years ago. The other appears to be in the graveyard of backyard mower mechanic. I need to catch up with those owners and see if either of those Cadets can be expected to run and swap ownership.
Welcome, from another tarheel! :errrr:
Go check on those cubs! You may get a good deal.
What part of central NC do you live? I live in Reidsville, just north of Greensboro.
The whole state is growing rapidly! Mostly northerners, coming down from where the cost of living is much higher. A guy from New Jersey told me a $100K home here, costs $300K up there.
Seems like the prices of cubs have gone up a lot the past few weeks. Maybe they will go back down this fall. I wonder if the Denton show had anything to do with it?
I went to Denton for one day with a friend. He was older and we did not see it all before he was tired and ready to head out. I saw a lot of cub cadets but I did not see any for sale. I did not wander through the camping area where I have seen lots of used stuff in years past and usually at reasonable to very affordable prices.
Don't know how close you are to Roaring River but a quick FB marketplace search turned up a decent priced 149 that might be something you would be interested in, especially with rear lift... Little TLC and help from this forum and you could have a nice worker...
Thanks PAClub100. That is a good ways from me but would be wonderful if closer by. I have found one near by that may work out, a Quietline. Owner not sure if 14 or 16 hp. Pending on this one as he told me he would get it running before selling it to me---fine by me. I don't have the tools or knowledge to do much more than change the oil, air up the tires, change the spark plug and little stuff like that.
Quiet line tractors are OK, but they can be a pain to work on. All those shields and quieting features really get in the way.
I agree, the extra sheet metal on a Quietline doesn’t really add any extra time. The 2 side panels can be removed in a minute or two. 2 wing bolts and unhook a spring and they are off. Then it’s not much different than any of the other ones, as far as tin work. But I prefer the wide frames over the narrow. Dad and I have 10+ between us, and all but 3 are Quietlines. There are 2 149’s and a 782…..

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