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Well-known member
Aug 20, 2023
I've been involved with Cub Cadets since my father bought an original back in 1961, then a 105 in 1967. Those old cast iron Kohler engines were the absolute best, are easy to repair, and will last forever with a bit of care and maintenance.

I currently have a 1964 Model 100 that I rescued from my boss in a former life, and rebuilt the K241 engine in 1985. I used the tractor for the next 19 years for mowing grass, then retired it in 2004 and did a "nut and bolt" restoration on it. I haven't had to do anything to it since, other than change oil annually, whether it needs it or not.
Last year I picked up a Model 782 at an auction, and have been using it for lawn and yard work. Perhaps one day I'll "pretty up" that one, too!


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The hood on the 782 was rusted. I think the former owner stored things on it with rags or cloth material next to the sheet metal. After some sanding prep, I found that Rustoleum Farmall Red in rattle cans was as close to an exact match to the original color as one could expect. I found, too, that the Rustoleum JD Green matched the early John Deere green when I redid a pair of fenders on my 1940 John Deere L. The spray pattern and coverage was excellent!


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