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Jun 2, 2023
Hyghesville PA
My name is Tim in NE PA and I or I should say my Father made me mow our lawns in the early 60`s with a push mower. When my Grandfather started his IH dealership in Muncy PA in the mid 50`s he sold the large farm tractors only. By the early 60`s he started selling the cub cadets and my father purchased one, so my life became much easier with the lawn mowing and I actually used to beg my father, "CAN I MOW THE GRASS TODAY" I grew kinda fond of that tractor and was taught how to change the oil, check the tire air pressure and so on. Now that I`m nearly 70 and only mow weeds, about an acre way out in the country, which I started planting grass seed and now really need a mower. I found this old cub cadet so I figured I could get it running and mow the weeds/grass. It runs great and needs a little TLC so I been painting and changing belts and a battery . It runs great and a little welding on the mower deck and some new mower deck wheels has it looking rather sharp for a 1968. Once I get the steering issue tightened up some it should last me a good long time. I`ll be checking in from time to time, asking some questions, so any input from the cub cadet veterans will be welcomed. Thank you all for allowing me to join this club as an annual member..
Same here. I was too young to remember, but I think Dad’s first was a 70 (but perhaps an “O” model). His last was a 109 in 72. When he retired that and went to zero-turns, he gifted it to me. It has been with me ever since.

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