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New to forum from Connecticut

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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stephen bentley

Active member
Mar 14, 2022
windsor locks,ct
I am new to this forum. I recently bought a 1968 Cub Cadet model 124. It is currently not running it has not run in several years said the seller. It has no battery and a leaky front tire. It came with a new wire harness not installed and an origonal owners manual.
Any suggestions on a Battery not to exspensive, I would like to run a ac power inverter off the battery.
Thanks Stephen
Thank you I was looking for one on Craigs list, I saw two nice looking running ones but both were over 100miles away. Then this one popped up in my town about a mile away . So i jumped on it. It was listed with a snow blower and a 48" cutting deck. But i wanted just a tractor for fun and to tow a wagon. the sell was nice enough to sell me just the tractor $200 I think I got a good deal. I know little bout these tractors but hope to get help from people in this forum. I have worked on many motorcycles over the years and average ability.
I was wondering about tires. mine currentley has 16x6.50-8 on the front. The owners manual says 4.80-4.00-8. I have read the larger size was an option. What tire do you recommend to replace these old ones
Thank you I hope to make it even nicer. It has little rust as to those i have seen for sale. Do you think it is worth it to get my seat re-apolstered or buy a black one like in your picture
Hello Stephen, welcome to the madness. The charging system is only good for 15 amps, not sure what you want to power with an inverter.. but it better be small! Tires, there's a few suppliers around.. try google "Garden Tractor Tire" , let your fingers do the walking. Have you found "our" manuals section yet? Or even the FAQ's, most helpful.?.?

Cub Cadet FAQ
Cub Cadet Specialties Manuals
Thank you for the help I will check these out.
I want to run small tools that will run from a 15 amp house circuit I guess I wll have to try and see suppose if the motor is running when I use the tool I might be ok Must make sure the gauge work properly so I can monitor things.
The Starter / Generator isn't a high output unit. It's barely up to the task and that's cause it's a combo unit, half starter / half generator. I'd think you'd be better off with a small generator , say 4000 watts.. 120/240 volts AC jmho.
possibly rigging something off the pto is an option just thought it would be cool 12hp seems like if the tractor is parked. I want to get a traler for my tractor that is why i bought it. suppose I could just toss a generator in the wagon done deal.
Stephen, WELCOME!

If you do have the seat reupholstered be sure to save the blue edging as that is no longer available.

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