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Model 147, standard vs. optional features.

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Scot Lawrence

Dec 3, 2021
Rochester NY
Hi everyone,
I bought my first Cub Cadet last weekend! 😀 I made a thread about it here:
My first Cub Cadet, model 147.

Now I'm interested in its history! And learning more about the model 147.
I know it was the "top of the line" model for 1969, '70, and '71, and the often considered the "pinnacle of the narrow frames."

So my first two questions:

1. Does anyone have a list of Standard vs. Optional features for the 147?
2. Does my tractor have the standard wheels? Or are they larger than standard? They seem "extra wide" compared to other photos I've searched for..both the front and rears.

I'll probably create a webpage about the 147.. it's what I do. 😉
Any info appreciated!



You can find all that info and more in "50 Years of Cub Cadet" by Oscar H. will III.
Get yourself a copy if you can find one.
You will be referring to it constantly and after a few years it will look like mine!
Charlie (CCS) used to have them for sale but don't know if he still does.
Over 100 pages jam packed with info on the history of Cub Cadet through the decades.


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  • You want attachments??
  • Take your pick!
  • The 147 was the last of the NF's and the 1st Cub to receive the 14HP mill.

  • Search results for "147"
  • 147 2050041U 2050203U
  • Attachment

  • 220 32" Lawn Sweeper 190-220-100
  • 222 38" Lawn Sweeper 190-222-100
  • 368 10 Cu. Ft. HD Utility Cart 190-368-100 190-368A100 190-368B100
  • 38", 42" 3 Spindle Mower
  • 40" Box Scraper
  • 42" Back Blade
  • 42" Push Blade
  • 42", 54" Push Blade - 1
  • 425/425A 17 Cu. Ft. Utility Cart
  • 438 Broadcast Spreader
  • 48" 3 Spindle Deck
  • 521 Utility Cart
  • 653/653A 10 Cu. Ft. Utility Cart
  • Gearbox #1
  • Helper Spring
  • Manual Lift Helper Spring & Handle Adapter
  • Peg Tooth Harrow
  • QA36, QA42 Snowthrower
  • QA36A, QA42A Snowthrowers
  • Sand Trap Rake
  • Tiller #1
  • Tiller #1 Front Drive
  • Tiller #1A Front Drive
  • Tiller #2, Front Hanger
  • Trailer #2 Built 1971 - 1982
Can anyone tell me if the wheels on my 147 are standard for that model? Or are they a wider/larger option than what would have come with the tractor? The front wheels are 6" wide, and the rears are 9" wide at the tread, 10" wide if including the buldge of the sidewalls.
  • Ref:
    Wheel Assy, Rear w/7-JA-12 Rim | (Used w/23 X 8.50-12 Tires)

  • Ref:
    Wheel Assy, Rear w/8-1/2JA-12 Rim | (Used w/23 X 10.50-12 Tires)

Wheel Assy, Front w/5.38 X 8 Rim
Excellent, thanks again David. So only one front wheel option, and two rear wheel options, and mine has the wider of the two rear options. Interesting! Thanks..


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