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My first Cub Cadet, model 147.

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Scot Lawrence

Dec 3, 2021
Rochester NY
Hi everyone,
I got my first Cub Cadet today! :) a really nice 1971 model 147. šŸ˜€

I've been into vintage garden tractors and snowblowers for awhile now, and I've been mowing for 10 years with a 1964 Wheel Horse, but I've always wanted a Cub Cadet too..So I've been casually looking and researching Cub Cadets for years, and I already knew what range of models I would like.. but I finally made a dedicated effort to search this Spring..and this 147 popped up locally! I went out and bought it today..

Its complete and works! :) it's going to become my primary mower, and I might trick it out for snow duty too..(although I already have a small collection of vintage Ariens snowblowers for that..so I'm not sure.) šŸ¤” we'll see.

Here she is! I'll probably have some questions for the group.. šŸ˜…



90 degree tiller gearbox, and attachment lift. I believe these were both bought new with the tractor. The guy I bought it from was not the original owner, but he did have all the original owners manuals and paperwork, which includes some purchase dates and amounts paid..I'll keep all that with the tractor.

Cool, all you need to be tilling is the actual tiller and a long expensive belt. :cubwinker:
Nice looking outfit. Even if I didn't get around to using the tail-pulley on one I'd appreciate the *extension* of the trailer-ball point. I am continually jack-knifing when I use my Cub to spot trailers around my place.