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Ih cub used salvage yard in pa.

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Steve watley

Active member
May 4, 2022
new york
Are there any places to sort through large collections of old ih tractors and parts in pa from Allentown out to Harrisburg? Got to take wife out there and looking for some other stops to see on the way. I have heard a few big cub places out in pa.
on that note, i have a 241AS that the piston doesn't move up and down. figured it was a busted rod. in the case of that, is there a common place that the block would crack when that happens or is it usually pretty obvious in the cylinder?

There's a guy about 2 hours west of Harrisburg that has a good collection...

Where is he located and any idea of contact info?
Check out Stitzels Equipment in Hamburg. They have acres of ag equipment, not so much on cubs from what I can remember though.
Try Rays,
Ray Weaver Ih Parts
75 Mountain Rd, Denver, PA 17517
(717) 587-3727.
He'll have what you need.
Stitzels doesn't have much in garden tractors anymore. They're more into compacts on up to big farm machinery. Well worth a stop to check them out though.
Ok just left Ray Weavers cub cadet Farm. What a cool place this is. He has a separate spots for each series or aged same cub tractor up in the woods. Since I have only seen my tractor this was great to see lot other models and ti.e frame tractor. I got a new hood for .my 169, grill with emblem. Now my colors should seem more accurate and the decals were In good shape. Thanks for the heads up about this place. It was not far from the wife family place.


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Just fitted the hood and new grill piece with emblem I got from Ray. Now I see by looking over so many old tractor in ray field how much the prior owner screwed up the colors. I need a can of the white for my grill / hood support. I wait on a rebuild PTO so now be perfect time to repaint this.

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