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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Dec 8, 2019
Woodbury, Pennsylvania
Something I noticed on the 1864 I got a little while ago is the power steering "wanders" when on any sort of slope. Mowing at my parent's place, there's a few banks and while mowing them, the Cub will not hold a straight line, instead it wants to steer downhill unless you constantly and slowly keep turning the wheel uphill. I'm hoping it's not a serious rebuild... Is there adjustments I need to make or is this a sign of the cylinder going bad?

Also, I haven't taken the tunnel cover off yet to look, simply because the Cub is at my parent's place, but is the hydro still the IH design?... It's in need of some adjustments. The control lever is way too easy to move, making it jerky when you're holding the lever going over bumpy terrain. It also won't hold a steady speed... I can physically see the lever moving up or down if I let go of it depending on slope of travel. I want to know what I'm looking for to tighten it up so it'll be snug and hold place...
Yes, the steering cylinder is probably bad. The hydro lever has a nut with friction washers on one side or the other under the side panel. Tighten that up a bit to keep the lever from wandering.

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