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Sltx1050 power issue

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New member
Jun 16, 2023
Lorton va
Hey guys, so I bought a sltx1050 second hand with a triple bagger for $500. 25hp can't go.wrong right? Lol..one good cut then the machine started having a hard time up hills. Does well on flat and better on downgrades. If I let it cool it it can make it uphill, then at a few mins of mowing back to low power uphill. Engine runs smooth and doesn't bog down so I figured it's the hydro gear 311-0511 causing the issue. I tore it down and found chips on the miter gears so I found what might be the last set in the country. Those chips wrecked the pumps so I did sand them down until no grooves and the where beautiful. Put it all back and just like magic....same exact problem still. I was pretty shocked. Tried to purge air really could get any air out although there really might not be any air because the 2050 oil was so thick it dripped through the screen in the funnel And probably never made air pockets. I did adjust the arrow shipped piece to the point its almost moving by itself and that helped the most, it now can climb hills but far from what it should be. Drive belt is new and looks tight. Drive belt tensioner spring is the only thing left I can think of but I'm doubtful. I noticed when I was mowing some rougher terrain and trying to drive over some branches it wouldn't go. I idled for a few seconds and then it made it over. Seems like the temp is really moving a lot and it's very sensitive to it. It's my first time to rebuild a hydro and look intimidating but wasn't that bad really. I broke everything down, new seals everywhere and even new filter. New parts washer fluid from dep. Cleaned everything, I didn't rinse it was no residue really. Let it all dry overnight, lubed and assembled and rtv let dry 2 days before putting it back in. I do hear a little rattling inside now I'm not sure if that's normal or not but I'm 95% sure I got everything back properly. I'm know about 1000 in this and would like to get it right. Any help is greatly appreciated. I ll tear it down again if need be. I had to go to an 80 grit to get the grooves out of the pump then finishing on a 400 I think it was could I have taken it down too far? It was done with the sandpaper on a piece of glass to he extra flat. It's the same symptoms so I don't think that's the problem but the rattle sound is disturbing. Thanks guys

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