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IH Cub Cadet Plow Day 6.0, October 18, 2003

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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I was kinda wonderin' the same thing. I didn't have time to take pics ;-)
Nope, I've got another tractor that oughtta give the 169 a good whippin'. It's nice to have a hydro around, but they're not real nice for plowing.

I think tonight I decided to boot the TA idea and just kick the project back on track to getting done for this spring.
I had the digital camera in my coat pocket the whole ride and never got a SINGLE pic taken.....ARGH!!!

Someone has got to build a "plow cam".....
Kraig had to help me resize a few......





Wyatt, I always thought of a TA for the cub as external, in the shaft in front of the reduction gears. What were you doing?
KEN - BTDT at PD #1.... Camera spent the WHOLE DAY on the seat of the truck.. But as You recall I made up for it at PD #2. STEVE.... Is That Steve III on a john deare? I wonder what His comments were when He got off? WYATT - With enough HP a TA really won't be necessary.....Your Wheatland should be about like the 4020 the Neighbors used to have... Had a HUGE blower on it... They "tried" pulling 6-16's On-Land with it running around 200 HP. They had to run in 5th gear because the rearend would gernade if they ran in 4th. The also had to watch the amount of ballast they ran. Even in 5th gear if their dualed-up 23.1 X 34's ever hooked-up the operator's platform would have become a Scattershield! Yep.... Those Darned Kids sure taught the Old Farmers in the neighborhood how to farm!
Denny, Steven III's expression says it all. :eek:)

For a mere $5 you can get a CD full of photos, even high resolution photos. Please don't burn up my email I'll post details soon in the classifieds. I'd post more photos here but my slooooow dialup is a pain, so is resizing all the photos. I'm just waiting for a certain JD guy to send me a CD with the photos he took, I think everyone else that was going to submit them has done so. Unless Ryan and Amanda took some. BTW, I'll post more as I get time, kind of busy here at work right now, sure just when I'd like some slack time to play.

All of these pictures will be available on Kraig's PD6 photo CD in high-res... (shameless plug!










Little Steve looks like he just had a mouth full of peas. Hmmmmmm, kinda' the same color too, Dear John green.

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