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IH Cub Cadet Plow Day 6.0, October 18, 2003

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Oct 31, 2002
Bryan D. McMeen, Keeper of the Holy Hy-Tran
Geez, it IS getting close to that time...
For those who can't make it to PD 6.0 we are having a plow day on Oct 11, 2003(will be held rain or shine) in western PA at Sykesville which is a few miles south of I-80 at Du Bois(100 mile mark). It is called PD II PA and is sponsored by the PPMA located in Sykesville. Here is a link for information PD II information+ & a link for registration PD II registration.
I hope every one gets to go to a plow day and have a good time Cubbing. Wish I could make both.

(Message edited by wdeturck on September 17, 2003)
Don't want to litter up the Forum. Got three simple questions and would like three simple answers posted here.
1.What are you bringing?
2.Where are you staying? (town and hotel/motel)
3.What days/nights.

My plans are;
1. 582
2. Super 8 in Charles City
3. Later Friday night maybe Saturday

(Message edited by thoffman on October 10, 2003)
1.What are you bringing? 1450, 149, hopefully 169
2.Where are you staying? Super 8
3.What days/nights. Friday night
169 & 149 (MIGHT substitute 149 for 100/"120", but 169 will be a sure thing!!!!)

Super 8, Charles City

Friday & Saturday

Big Steve will also be staying Friday & Sat.....have no idea what he'll be running, but 1650 will probably be one of them.
1.What are you bringing? 1872 (Maybe Plow Special if enough trailer space...)
2.Where are you staying? Super 8
3.What days/nights. Friday night

I'll be riding with Mike Horn, Kraig M., and possibly Craig Carney..
1. 1000 or 129+
2. Super 8, Charles City
3. Scheduled for Friday & Saturday.
4. Wife just had major abdominal surgery. Still hoping for Friday night, at least. Her brother's going to come into town so that I can still go. I REALLY hope this all works out.....
1= Model 80
2= In my Chevy Blazer
3= Friday night

Cant wait!!!
1. 169, Brinly 10" and 12" plows
2. Wyatt's park
3. Friday & Saturday
1200 with a 14 horse, 12" plow
Leaving here at 4 am. Sat. morning and staying till it's over.
100(Spot) and 682(Stinky) and the family (Lori, Cody, Emily and Sean)
Clear Lake Best Western
Friday night Saturday Night.
Did you say you had a GROUP RATE set up for that Super 8 in Charles City? If so, what was it?

Got any new moves planned for Kraig's "gif folder"?
<font size="-2">Kraig, this is a great opportunity for you to show everybody what I'm talking about...hint, hint, hint...</font>
Art, you know Kevin doesn't like that animated gif! :eek:)

(Message edited by kmcconaughey on October 13, 2003)
1.What are you bringing? One digital video camera mounted onto a tripod and one digital camera for still photos, spare batteries and several blank "Digital 8" video tapes. (Under edit: A Ruger .357 to protect myself from Kevin D., and perhaps from Charlie.)
2.Where are you staying? Super 8.
3.What days/nights. Friday night.

I'll be riding with Art Aytay, Mike Horn, and Craig Carney.

(Message edited by kmcconaughey on October 13, 2003)
Charlie, don't laugh to hard. I bet I can get the trial period to extend by loading the Gif editor onto a different PC. :eek:)
1. 800, 100, 70 w/recoil start, "409"
2. HomeTown Inn
3. Friday night

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