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CC 108 "Snow Blade" spring install.

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Well-known member
Apr 18, 2020
Winston-Salem, NC
As the title says, I have a CC 108 and the correct snow blade attachment...
I had the blade mounted last year for snow-duty.... but it never materialized.
This year, I took the blade apart, ( It was pretty rusty) and had it sandblasted. I painted it with POR-15, and primed it with epoxy primer- as an adhesion promoter for when I was ready to paint it. I replaced the blade edge with a heavy stainless steel strip.
They are predicting snow this Sunday, so I finally got around to painting the blade and mounting hardware.... in case it really does snow.

My question is:
I'm having trouble with re-installing the springs. The manual is no help at all. It just shows a picture of the blade "tilted" backwards... for spring install.
I assume you have to remove the "Blade pivot rod"... to accomplish this. But then, it's just hanging/held by the "spring trip lock assembly"
Do you have to/ Is it easier to: have this mounted to the tractor to get the springs (and blade) on?
Any tips on getting these springs on?

I messed around with it a little this afternoon, but the paint was still soft (cold)... so I couldn't really grab things and force things into position. Hopefully... it will be cured enough tomorrow.


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    Blade 1.jpg
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    Blade 2.jpg
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Well, that was easier than I thought it would be... (when I could actually hold onto the blade solidly).
Got the springs mounted with the blade laying flat on my paint-bench (mesh table). Took a couple of "ladyfoot" drifts to align the pivot rod holes and pushed the rod through.
Took the blade assembly home and mounted it to the tractor.
I have some gym-weights for the rear hitch, but no chains. Hopefully, I can drive to the top of the driveway... and push the snow on the way down.


Well, the BIG NC snowstorm arrived around 6am this morning. We have about 3" on the ground... and it is now swapping between light snow and freezing rain.
I have had this snow/dozer blade for about 10 years, and this is the first time I have ever used it. I had it mounted all last year after the mowing season, but we didn't get ANY snow in winter 2020/21.
The predicted storm... incentivized me to finish the blade's rebuild and paint. I completed the project yesterday...and mounted the blade on the 108. (see pics in post above).
Here are a few pics and 2 videos of the blade in use.
I didn't add my weights to the hitch, or have any chains.... but the Cub had no trouble at all pushing the snow, or climbing my driveway. It did lose traction in 1st gear, but easily climbed the driveway in 2nd and 3rd.


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I'd angle the blade to one side or the other, to whichever side of the drive you want the snow for the rest of the winter. Then start pushing heading downhill from the other side of the drive.

My driveway slopes UPHILL to the road, you don't go ANYWHERE without chains and 250# of weights on a Cub Cadet.
I push snow with a 5200# FARMALL Super H with 600# of rear weights and over 200# of chains, and I'd like another 400-500# on the back. My concrete drive is REALLY hard to get a grip one with a little snow or ice. When dry it's fine.
I did plow with the blade angled and straight... seemed to "cut" closer when straight.
You misunderstand "snow" in North Carolina... this will all be gone by Tuesday when the temps get back to the 50's (60's 70's ...lol).
I had the blade on all last winter.. and we never got anything more than a heavy frost/dusting. So, I dismantled it and had it blasted to get it ready for "this winter".... Of course, I waited until the last day (yesterday)... to get it ready!
This blade is just a toy... to remind me of my days back on the farm in NW Pennsylvania in the "snow-belt".
I used an IH 444 with a rear scrape blade that would spin 360°... for both drag and push use. Never needed "extra" weights (liquid in tires)... but always put chains on for the winter.
Dad doesn't need to go anywhere these days, but he does use his Honda track-blower, to clear a path to the barns. If it really gets deep..and he has to get out, he just fires up the Case with the Woods back-hoe and loader attachments. The IH 686 Diesel doesn't like the cold.




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