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Oct 9, 2021
I bought my first Cub Cadet just the other day. After doing some research, I decided on getting a CC because of how popular they are, and how functional they can be. Now that I own it I see the potential, and am really excited to put it to work. I have needed to tune up several things to get it running, but overall I feel like I found a good deal on this 129. So far I have adjusted the carb(still needs fine tuning), worked on the hydro trunion a little bit(the spring was standing vertical in the channel, not horizontal like it should be), and most recently I've been working on making attachments for use around the home. I have the mower deck off for now so I can fabricate a little scraper blade similar to how a grader looks.
Thanks everyone. I've been poking around the sponsor sites, they look to be very helpful. Once I am done with the attachments I'm going to replace tranny seals and try to dial in the carb. I can feel the obsession starting... I just bought the 129, but I can't help looking around for another to rescue/adopt.
I finished the blade, and it works well enough. I might play around with the design, as of right now it floats like the deck would unless it's all the way down. I didn't account for that when I was making it. So I can either remove the floating links and make hard ones, or add weight. Also the throttle keeps backing off of full throw. Not sure if it is from too much vibration, or loose screws(because of too much vibration). After work I'm going to check it out.


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Also the throttle keeps backing off of full throw. Not sure if it is from too much vibration, or loose screws(because of too much vibration). After work I'm going to check it out.

I'm not really sure how to totally fix it, but when I brought my 1512D into the dealer for some needed repairs, the tech somehow "lubed" the throttle. (I'm not sure what that entailed). When I got it home, the throttle handle would come down to about half. When I asked him about it, he told me about spraying the throttle somehow. When I brought it back in there he remembered that there were 2 screws that needed to be tightened instead of only the 1 he had tightened. It still isn't perfect, but I keep a popsicle stick on a string that I tapered on one end, to stick in between the throttle and the dash until the engine warms up some. After a few minutes, it stays at full throttle
Yup, I ended up lubing and tightening the bolt inside that pinches the throttle. Stays in place now, but it seems like I need to go through and clean the carb. Every once in a while I have to add choke while the engine is warm. It is funny that overall it is in decent shape, but has a bunch of little bugs that need attention. Soon I'm going to track down the hydro leaks and clutch rattle.
Look at your carb and notice where the carb shaft passes thru the body vertically and see if it is wallowed out.. If it get real worn the it sucks air around the shaft and makes it run lean.. Maybe that is why you need to add choke.. We have a fix for that too...
After trying things out today the throttle shaft has a hint of play, but not enough that I think it's the problem. I don't think it even has 0.1in slop. I did notice that on a slope it needs choke, opposite slope it doesn't, and flat it doesn't... So I'm going to take the carb off and check on the float/seat/needle.

Also worked on a few other attachments today, but that's a post for a different section. Found the SN:


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