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Jan 22, 2009
Terry Reed
More pictures from Cub-arama









L. William-

Either the ACR on the cam is messed up, or you have a weak S/G or something. If the valve was stuck shut bad, the starter wouldn't be able to turn it over at all, regardless of whether or not the plug was installed.
L. William Rehm

I Picked up a 1650 the PO said had bad starter turned over slow had spark removed plug turned over good set the points started right up. May want to look there.
William R., did you take a set of jumper cables yet direct from battery to starter to make sure all cable/connections are good ??
Jumping from the battery to the S/G doesn't help. I'm thinking Matt might be on the right track with the ACR issues. I guess I might have to move up the schedule on the rebuild for that engine.

Thanks for all the responses!
l.william rehn,i had a 12 hp that acted that way,i ended up adjusting the ACR. and adjusting the point gap to remedy the problem.Paul h
How does the steering wheel come off on my CC Original? I took steering nut off, and gave it a pull and stuck tight. I don't want to use brute force like I normally do, and break things. I need to do this right. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks. Mike
Matt G.
Thank you for the picture, I have one of these pullers. Wasn't sure how it might be used. Thank you. MIke
Don't forget to put something between the end of the steering shaft and the bolt on the puller, or you will mushroom and otherwise destroy the threaded end of the steering shaft.
If I leave the nut lightly threaded on and get the wheel to start coming off, will it pull off by hand the rest of the way? Or will it need to be pulled all the way? Is this a tight spline on the steering shaft?
Possibly; it depends on how rusty the spline is. It should pop right off, but that doesn't always happen. Just don't put the pointy end of the puller bolt into the end of the steering shaft. There should be a round spacer included with the puller that is made for that.
Allen, wow, it's already past quiting time! See ya.

Well what do ya know, Charlie must have put the new battery in. Back to work...
KRAIG - That emoticon made me hungry, Had to go get a bag of chips!
ALLEN - Potatoe chips. I do have some Double Stuff Oreo's though.