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Archive through October 19, 2003

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Got a new toy sunday. Picked up a 147 cheap from a local guy.

Somebody removed the Electric Lift and replaced it with a makeshift lift handle.

Haven't looked close, but assume I can replace with a standard manual lift lever and rack.

Needs serious wiring fix. Solenoid was frozen in the on position. Owner tried to start by touching to S/G and then removing wire.

Are the wiring kits that are available close to original? Know the wire will not be, but is the loom close to original?

Intend to try and restore this one to as oiginal as possible.
I'm looking at farms along the Ohio River down here.....we got a lot of big corn fields that would be great for a plow day. I'm gonna attend a few of the farmers meetings and see if I can come up with a field.
Very good soil.....usually about 12 to 16" of good brown topsoil. Most of the farms will have plenty of parking, easy access.
I'm gonna look around and see what or IF I can find something.....We have a lot of southern guys that might come this far.
It would be a fall event.......and I would not schedule it during an existing plow day.
Anybody interested?
Our hosts dealing with the news media.
Guess the image didn't load.

(Message edited by jbailey on October 20, 2003)
I e-mailed Keith E. last night to see how his wife was doing.....and I got a reply this morning. He said as of last night she was doing much better and he thought she should get out of the hospital today. Good news!!!
Charlie,thanks for the email note;I tried to send one back but it was blocked ;-(
Darn...Charlie: You post it
Our hosts at PD6 dealing with the news media.

(Message edited by jbailey on October 20, 2003)
I need a K-301A for my 129. Where is the best place to look for one? It is a good tractor and deck, but needs an engine.

Any of our sponsors. I know that CC Specialties has two short blocks in stock for your Cubbing pleasure.

(Message edited by till on October 20, 2003)
Frank M.
I recently picked up 2 147's, i would use the wiring harnes from CCC/MTD. I used one on my 125 they are built well and my 125 has had one for 3 years no with no problems. The 1x6/7's had the WORST wires of all the cubs. For one of my 147's I used a harnes I had from a 72 (same thing) works great for alomst 2 months now. For the second (I actualy installed it yeasterday) I made my own. not as hard as it sounds i just made everything loooong when I installed it I was able to trim some off and get the length right.

For all of those who wondered WHERE the Plow Special was, well, she was in need of some TLC. Small details really, but still needed some work. I haven't had much time for cubbin', but you can guess that she'll be ready to go for the next event this spring. One of the major upgrades will be a larger drive pully on the back of the engine so that 2nd gear is more like 2nd gear and not 1.1412nd gear like all the other Originals. Should make for a faster 3rd as well!

BTW...Did anybody get any detail shots of Michael M.'s 14hp Original?

I forgot....
Hey Wes, Are you talking about runnig up on me on one of those last passes on the south end of the field? Guys said I was going too fast, and with all those posts, concrete footings, tree stumps, etc. in the groove I figured I'd just slow down and enjoy the round! ;)
Played it safe that round!

Oh yes, I knew you guys would suggest PB! Guess I'll have to make a trip to Wally World won't I?

(Message edited by jlang on October 20, 2003)
Here's a stupid question. If there were guys yanking up tree roots, etc, why were there people plowing up there? (hehe)

Seriously, I am going to go up there this weekend and clean up a little. I forgot all about the old grove and house up there. I hope no one suffered any major damage.
Robb can tellya where the BIG one is and I can tellya where there's a log about 4" across and 4ft. long!
Come on Travis, a few tree roots stop a cub! I caught one that almost stopped me until I heard it snap, i lunged forward, and I kept on going. I did check to make sure nothing broke on the plow. Everything was OK so I just kept going.

John L., I was just giving you some ****. It was on the parade run. I got going late when the 1650 developed a minor vapor lock. When I got it going, I went flying up the field as everyone was coming down. When I got to the end, you were up there trying to adjust the plows for the run down. I did stop and help Scott (BFH) adjust his plow some. I never did see him afterward to see if it plowed better on the way down. Sorry Scott.

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