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Archive through October 19, 2003

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It was on the final round.
Charlie, yeah I know I was just yanking yer chain, er, tow strap. :eek:)
Tom H., here's some of Hoffman Construction's equipment that's in use near the turn off to my place. I thought you might enjoy seeing them. Major earth moving going on.


Dennis & M&W,
What type/brand of ag tire do you think I should try for my up hill traction problems? I saw a nice set of dual wheel adaptors on Don V's site. I'll just need to score a set of rims.
Dan m:
when Denny F. mentioned that Cubs had an open differential, I had to look it up (seenin's how I'm not that mechanically inclined). It does sound like the problem is traction. You may want to consider chains if you have turf tires.
What was the distance of the furrow?? Man it seemed to be a mile long......

Sorry for holding up all you big horse power plow guys. Every time I looked back there were about three or four of you guys with the big 14's and higher back there grining at me. Hoping to have Stinky set up to plow by spring. I think the 17 horse/hydro combo will make a big difference.
If you're going to put Spot out to pasture, there's one across the street from me that will do just fine. . . .

BTW: (my) Lori APPROVED the concept of purchasing
a trailer in the not-to-distant future (pending funds)

Not so fast buddy.

My butt can not handle another plow day.
That pan seat is a killer.

Spot will be a mower and maybe a snow plow at home. Maybe a show or two.
Plowing in 3rd gear with the 1408PS I was about to run over Cody in the furrow & Tedd right after him...still need more HP though. . .maybe a V-twin Command 22 in a '82 series chassis, gear jammer of course!
RYAN - There's 25 HP versions of those engines around. May take some work to get them to fit right.
Denny- I think a new Command 25 is going in the 1872.

I have a Command 22 short block & 99% of a Command 18 motor here at the house. . of course, the 22 block may produce more than that once finished. .

Downshifting into 2nd...no hard feelings, I was putting the pressure on Wes and several Deere guys that day as well.


You mean you didn't just pass????? The mighty 169 caught both a 1450 and a 782.....passed the 1450 (Doug) and caught the 782 (Bubba) before we ran out of field.....Doug said the plow looked like it was throwing a tidal wave of dirt across the previous 3 furrows!!!!

....I think that run really got the rings seated!!!!!!
I gotta agree with Steve, those 169's really rock! When Wyatt and I swapped, I couldn't believe the torque that thing had! Steve was able to keep up with the 1872 just fine as well, but then again he forgot that I was pullin' 2" more plow than he....

<font size="-2">Oh, and YES Hugh I WAS able to control a hydro this time around!</font>
I had a great time at plow day 6 and can hardly waite until plow day 7.
5 hours drive one way, 500 miles round trip, tank of gas, but it was well worth it, I do it again in a heart beat.
It must be real easy to plow that Iowa dirt judging by the pictures anyways.You wouldn't believe how tough that Pennsylvania shale is.
T minus......
4500 hours???????

Stinky is pulling stronger and stronger the more I run him and burn fresh gas with a little MMO. The fuel filter will be interesting to watch. Now to jack up the front end and drain out the 8+ year old Hy-tran and see what else is in there....

Ray Leo,
A guy named Leo bought the Lo-boy.
I will not pad my "britched" I just spent 6+ weeks de-padding them and the rest of my body.

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