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Archive through October 19, 2003

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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WM DeTurck

Thanks Charlie for the picture of Mike's M&W. It looks great. I hope I can put my decals on my hood one of these days.

Mike: Could you get any one to race you? How dose an Original feel at over 10 MPH?

Went to a local show today(went yesterday and got stuck in the mud and came home). They got a lot of people as it's a craft type show. Only cubs there were two Originals(except for the pullers which were mostly Cubs(had a lot of pullers as they were still pulling after the show ended at 5 PM). The show was the Apple and Art's Festival held on a farm outside Of Delmont, PA(PGH area).

My lucky day

(Message edited by wdeturck on October 19, 2003)
Tedd - The 6.5 Turbo-D got about 12mpg also pulling 4000# on a 1500# trailer with another 1000# in the bed of the truck running in OD with 4.10 rears... oK I guess, but I expected better. Gadget
Travis & Dee--thanks for a great job of planning & hosting PD6. The day couldn't have been more beautiful. We had a great time!!! Also thank you to the Rockford Fire Dept. for the food and to everyone who donated prizes for the raffle.
Thanks Travis and Dee for a great plow day. Had fun turning over some Iowa soil.

Thanks for delivering the weights and bracket Boner. They made a big difference on the 1650.

Charlie- It wouldn't be a Plow Day unless you had some technical difficulties. Just get it fixed before winter since so many of your neighbors like seeing you come around the corner. You know you have my cub repair apprentice near ya to help with repairs. He is a good "go-fer" and a spare set of hands.
9.8 mpg out of a Suburban 6.0 and 4.10 gears with 4 tractors, 4 guys and "gear". It isn't the best, but when ya carpool with three other guys, it sure helps!

Looks like you broke it worse than I ever did! <font size="-2">Least I was able to get back in the furrow each time...</font>

Whoever is going to host PD7, MAY want to think about making this a 2-day event. I think I made about 4 or 5 rounds on the field. The rest of the time was spent buying/swapping/selling/shooting the breeze.

Sure is funny to watch all the guys carrying each other's crap across the parking area saying, "Man, you won't believe what I just bought!"
Thanks to Travis, Charlie and to all the rest of you who made PD 6 a big hit! As a planner of one of these events, I know first hand the effort it takes to pull it off.

My 3 Cub companions took it easy on me during the trip. Nice to meet several of you at this event. I got 85 pics on the camera and will be sure to get these off to Kraig for the CD.

Thanks again.
Travis, no calls from agents yet! Thanks to Travis & Dee for hosting the event and letting us show up Friday to 'Help'! Had a great time with everybody Saturday night.

Am I ever gonna win a "Longest Drive" prize!?! At Wisconsin a guy from Canada beat me out, and this time, a guy from MISSISSIPPI racked up over 1000 miles 1 way to spank my 520 miles. . .

IH 7.3 Turbo Diesel got about 17mpg running 70+ with about 7000lbs of cargo. Not bad for 14000+lbs combined weight!

Gonna take the Browns to the Super Bowl now. . .

(Message edited by rmull on October 19, 2003)
CHARLIE - Your bad luck on Your head/head gasket helped Me. I was under the weather Saturday but yesterday I serviced a couple Cub's and the Wife's new car. Changed oil in everything and got the Cub's ready for fall yardwork. When I warmed My plowing #72 up the head gasket just started weeping a little oil so I re-torqued the head. Couple bolts started turning at only 200 Inch/Pounds! Spec. is 420. Plug looked like something from an ad stating "This Plug can cost You 25% of Your horsepower and 50% of Your gas $$$" Air filter was bad too. Points & timing were O-K. I'm surprised the 72 ran as good as it did!
Well, here I am, back at work after a GREAT weekend trip to PD6. Wish I was still out there - it's a bunch more fun than this...

A BIG thank you to Travis & Dee and all the other who helped make my PD trip such a blast!

Thanks to Pat Irlbeck and Art Aaytay for letting me take their tractors out for a bit of fun.

It was good to meet so many people in person and I wish I had been able to meet more - I guess I was just having too much fun taking pictures and stuff.

I've got a whole bunch o' pics to process - I'll be posting some here in the next day or so and I'll be sending everything to Kraig. If you think I took a picture that you would like a full-size copy of, let me know and I'll try and dig it out and e-mail it to you.

Thanks again!
4.6L Ford got 13.7 mpg pulling about 3000# home from Travis's place on Sunday at 65 mph. 12.9 with same load going up there on Friday at 72 mph....I won't complain!!!!
Travis, Dee, Taylor, Charlie, The Rockford FD and anyone else that helped put on PD6, <font size="+2">THANK YOU!</font> I had a great time even though I never once sat on a tractor seat during the event. <font size="-2">You're very welcome for the salsa, careful it's a hot batch. ;o)</font>

Art, thanks for ride.

Art, Craig, Mike, thanks for putting up with my Cliff Clavin (sp) style useless trivia outbursts during the ride.

I took 122 photos and about 2 hours and 15 minutes of video. I may have more video coming from some other people, I'm not sure yet how I'll incorporate that into the video I offer for sale. I have to wait to see what all I get. If you wish to submit photos for the Photo CD please do so soon, no large emails please, my slow dialup cannot handle it. I much prefer CDs or disks, email me if you need a mailing address to send the photos to. Once I get all the photos I'll see if there'll be room for the PDV4 and the WFM Spring Break photos on the same CD as they have yet to be offered on a CD.

Charlie, thanks for the nice comments! <font size="-2">shhhh, I hope to have a 4th out sometime before Christmas........</font> Did you post that so I'd edit out the video of your ride back behind Travis and his 4wheeler? :eek:) I may have a good head for a 14hp if you need one. Let me know if you do I'll pull it off of the parts tractor and get it out to you ASAP.

It was great to put some more faces with the names and see some old friends again, I had a blast talking with a great bunch of guys and a couple of very nice ladies.

Tom H., I gotta ask, have you been moonlighting? :eek:)

(Message edited by kmcconaughey on October 20, 2003)
Hey All, glad PD6 was a big success! Hitch trivia time . . . .

A friend of mine wants to buy a 3 pt for his 125. He saw one on ebay but it says it's for a 147. I'm pretty sure that the rear U bracket is different for the two machines but thought I would ask the experts. If the U brackets in the back are different, is the sleeve hitch and lift bar the same? He already has the bracket to mount to the rockshaft so we're ok there. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Steve S., it'll fit just fine, there is one part that he won't need, part #9 in this drawing (parts #2 and #8 should already be on the tractor).

(Message edited by kmcconaughey on October 20, 2003)
Thanks for the offer on the head.
I figured since one JD tractor bit the big one that we should keep things even and have at least one shoot the pooch! Dint have to be me though!!!!!
And dint have to on the backside of the dang field and right in front of Bryan{Dusty} too!
Charlie, if they buy the video they'll get to hear Bryan's 169, but it'll be off to the side rather then behind. It was the best I could do as I wasn't about to stand in front of him. :eek:)

If I get time tonight I'll try to pull the head, I don't want to work on my residing project all night.
Thanks for the info Kraig. I guess that pin (#4) goes through holes already the frame.

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