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Archive through June 20, 2012

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Clark M,

Have you leveled your mower deck front-to-back? The most common cause for grass streaks between the blades is due to the front of blades being lower than the back. On a flat surface with the blades oriented front-to-back measure the distance between the ground and the blade tips at each end to determine if the blades are level with the ground. You may need to adjust the front deck hangers to get all the blades level with the ground. Additionally if you find one blade off level more that the other two, you may have to put a washer or two under the spindle bearing mountings to get the blade level with the others. Getting a deck leveled can be a time consuming thing to do but once you do it, the streaks will be gone. Also, if you lower your all the way down and let it ride on the ground and you will have streaks as well. The weight of your deck should be supported by the lift on your Cubby, not the rear gage wheels and front roller. Hope this helps.
Thanks guys, I'm sure leveling the deck will be my solution. Right now, I have to cut grass...
After running strong for 20 minutes, I cut her off to get something and she started, but wont accelerate when I give er throttle. I'm letting it sit to see if I can get another 20min outta her
What could cuase this? I replaced the condenser, sparkplug, and fuel filter last time it did this and it worked, until now
Robert R.,

You made the right choice. That 102 will still be kickin' after your neighbors go through several new mowers. I love seeing cubs that have been totally redone.
Do those ags tear up the yard any?
Robert Runty: That is a very pretty 102, almost a shame to use it. Tell your wife she got off lucky, you could have spent a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

All: I think we all agree, the Big Box Store can't beat the VALUE of a used Cub Cadet.

However, many of us still have a "selling job" to do when it comes to our families. I envy anyone whose spouse enjoys a Cub Cadet as much as I do, even if he/she only appears to do so.
Thanks for the compliments guys, and I agree I made the right choice.

Marty, no problem at all with the ags,even in the spring on soft ground. In my opinion, they spin less than the turfs on wet grass on the few slopes I have in the yard. I love 'em.

I think we who know it is the way to go, have more than one!. Buy a cub and do a refurb and have it a long time.You just might find a working cub that needs very little to get it where it will be dependable .
I'll try again.Can the Quiet Line pto clutch coil or field be rewound?I have one shorted and one open.Thanks
Daniel Corwin: I've never done it, nor have I heard of it being done; but that doesn't mean it CAN'T be done.

You need to find a parts tractor with a PTO, it will be cheaper than buying new.

Just my honest opinion.

Edit: You could try the "Want to Buy" section in the Classified section of this forum, I'm sure a forum member would be willing to part with a used one for the right price.
Yes, I guess I should have asked if anyone knew where you could have it done.
Daniel M.
It can be done, BUT!
Hang on to your wallet.
It usually cost almost twice what a new field coil cost.
I thought I would show y'all my new motor mounts. They came standard equipment with my New (to me) Cub Cadet 1250. It really wasn't that tough getting the engine out. I am now worried about the necessary steering column and front axle repairs necessary. I hope there will be an end to the throwing money at this thing and it becomes a machine I can use. Now, if only I could upload the picture. GRR

My mind is totally gone and it won't be long and this Cub Cadet will have taken my money too.
I missed something..

EDIT: Where can I find one of those heat shield/muffler supports for the 109? I checked CC Specialties when I ordered my other parts. Did I just overlook it?
You're right. I've checked Xtreme Motorworks and Kirk Engines as well, (trying to cover all my bases.) & I just checked Houtz and son, cadet collector supply room, & Madson's. Houtz and son (appears) to be mostly CCC/MTD parts. I guess I'll have to try to squeeze in a call to Madson's or CCSR tomorrow. (It would help if they had a catalog like CCS.. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating what would make things easier)
Robert R. Fantastic looking 102.

Jeremiah C. You've summed it up with the "selling families...". I've been so blessed with Angel understanding and able to talk to others about garden tractors on a one on one basis. For those of you that haven't met or seen a picture... Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see my Cub Cadet Cutie.

Off to work... Catch ya all later.
morning all i have a question i have a 129 and the front pto assembly needs replaced my current set up is with the brake with 2 plates now can i use a clutch with single plate and bronze push button just want to know if it will interchange also are the rockshafts made the same any input will help thanks
chuck durant

Yes you can change it from the brake style ,I have found the the brake style last much longer. I have the brake style on my 129 loader and after two years of using the loader I see hardly any wear on the brake pads.