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1984 CC 1711

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Feb 26, 2022
Madison, Ms
I have a classic car restoration shop. A guy that owned a '65 Corvette had died. They wanted me to look at it to help establish a value as they were going to sell it (and several other high end cars). When I went to his house south of Clinton Ms the first thing I saw was this CC1711 Hydro lawn tractor. I have a '75 IH 108 and am a sucker for these yellow/white things so and I asked the guy cordinating the sale if they were going to sell the Cub Cadet. I said if so I would buy. He called in 45 days and said to come get it - $250. What a deal for a 418 hour tractor (or so I thought.) I cannot fix anything so I took it to my lawn mower guy (he really is a boat guy but takes pitty on me and fixes my lawn tractors!). About $3k later (deck had to be rebuilt and those hub/pullys cost a lot - as does everything else) the 1711 runs great. I used it for the first time recently on a about an acre of high rye grass. That thing cuts like a dream. I am real proud of it. We work on classic cars and cut grass with a classic mower.


  • 2015-12-31 May 5 2023 #1 005.JPG
    2015-12-31 May 5 2023 #1 005.JPG
    575.6 KB · Views: 30
  • 2015-12-31 May 5 2023 #1 006.JPG
    2015-12-31 May 5 2023 #1 006.JPG
    546.4 KB · Views: 0
Yes on those hub caps. It had the back ones when I got it. A good fellow on this forum had the front ones and I bought those. I need to paint the wheels front and back. I wish the 1711 had power steering. Trying to drive and control the deck higth and the hyro control needs 3 arms. I'll do better as time goes along. They owner's wife or son said that the engine was replaced under warranty some years back. So it has very few hours on it. I need to get the correct decals for the deck (whihc we blasted and painted.)


  • 2022-05-29 May 30 2022 003.JPG
    2022-05-29 May 30 2022 003.JPG
    1.2 MB · Views: 0
That does look sharp. I believe with the right parts power steering can be transplanted to that tractor. If you could find an 1862 or 1864 that was being parted out it should be a mostly bolt on affair.
It should steer pretty easy with the steering box adjusted and properly lubed, spindles greased, toe-in set per the service manual, and 20 psi or so in the front tires. Once all that is fixed, a steering wheel spinner will let you steer with one hand and use the other for the hydro lever. Not sure why you'd need to be continually adjusting the deck height while mowing.

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