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Yup, TA is KING (short of full power shift).....now put a TA behind a 20hp Kohler with a hot clutch and some good tillage gears and you'd have a horse of a Cub Cadet. Until then, I'll keep running my hydros on the 2 bottom and keep a 10" on the 582 for some 2nd gear fun.
Steve, I remember one year there was either a 1X8 or a 1000 chassis with a hot K321 in it that was plowing in 3rd at Travis's. I was cruising along with the 1650 a little from wide open. I pushed the hydro into race speed and opened her up and very slowly pulled away from him. That was a moving while plowing.

That was Ryan Mull's 14hp with a MWSC clutch.....it was hot, and the clutch sure didn't slip in 3rd!!!!
I have the engine ready to remove from the 67 123, I think it has a broken spring on the ACR weights. I tried 2 starters and it stops just before TDC..It started the other day and took of backwards, the brake shaft, spring steel, safety lever is gone and the switch by-passed on the 123, 127 and the 122 also.
Jeff I did get real lucky.
Tom you were exactly right, the bolt that holds the fork to the shift rail was loose and the fork slid.
It was simply stuck in two gears at once, easy fix. Those things look beefy inside. Thanks for the help and great advice, Joe
Harry B - Some of the best deals out there are for riding mowers, riding tractors, lawn tractor and some variant of misspelled Club Kadet.

The ones that I laugh at are "ran when parked" or "collector's item".

Steve B and all - how you going to max the seat time when plowing in third gear...

I would like to have me one of them Club Katits, too.

Collector's items are usually not really for sale, because they are worth way more to their current owner that they are to me, just because someone believes they are Collector's Items. If they are collector's items, where is the rest of the collection?
Joe "H",
BTDT myself, glad I could help you out. <u>THAT</u> is what this forum is about. We may be bitchy and cranky at times but WTH, it's all about fun.
Christian S:
T handled Allen wrenches are not the best bet for removing stubborn allen head screws as the shaft is too long and will "wind up" . The best bet is a standard set of "L" shaped allens with the short leg inserted in the screw and the long leg giving you some leverage. A second choice, although more expensive would be a set of 3/8 drive bits for allen heads, used with a ratchet. The advise to soak 'em and using new wrenches is right on... (sorry to disrupt the SGT thread, but we got a new cub owner needing guidance here, guys...)
Edward H (for HotRod) Lincoln - I think you can remove the cam cover and get a look see at the ACR spring, before you go removing the engine.