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Tractor For Sale 1969 International Harvester 124

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That is called a sleeve hitch if I'm not mistaken. Your correct you can hook attachments to it to lift and lower them, such as a plow ect. A pto will power the rotary motion of an attachment. Pto stands for power take off By the way. Maybe you already knew that. As in power taken from the tractor to do a job requiring rotary motion..such as the front pto clutch powers a mower deck. They did make a rear pto for those tractors but there not many attachments that actually used them and they are not all that common to see.

Sleeve hitch is a nice option to have and does add value. Tho I think they can be found used for $100 to $200, at least in my area. Your may differ slightly.
What is this part it is on the front of the engine in front of the lawn tractor it appears the center bearing is shot on the pulley.
There is a belt that goes around that pulley and goes to the center dec pulley to turn the deck blades.
Can I just change out the center bearing on this pulley or do I have to change the whole pulley and can I get the bearing at the Auto part store
Thank You for the information God Bless You
Terry I'm not that familiar with that model cub. I'm more into a few models newer with the electric clutch. I'm sure others here are more than qualified to help you tho.
David Schwandt and Lewis Palma are correct on every one of their assessments, and they don’t need me to vouch for them. Look at their post counts. They musta learned a few Cub Cadet tidbits by now.
What Jim said, 528 and counting... That is the front Power Take Off, you have to remove the PTO to change the bearing, Surprised whoever rebuilt it did not catch that bad bearing.
So what do you think that the value of a rebuilt well maintained international Harvester in this shape that will outlast today's built mowers
Thank You God Bless You

no disrespect meant, but that is a $400-$500 tractor. maybe $600 if you are lucky but kind of doubt it. As a point of reference, i have bought 7 arguable more desirable cubs this year and do not have nearly that much in the whole lot. average was around $300. and they all ran but one and i got 8 decks, 4 plows, spare engines and bunches of other stuff along with them. it does seem a shame that these fine old tractors do not bring the kind of money that they deserve. but actually that is a good thing, or most of us could not afford the hobby. one of the main reasons why i got into this was because of its affordability.

i learned pretty quick that turning a profit with this hobby is not easy unless you buy them and sell all the parts.

just my two cents for what its worth.
Well, sometimes you gotta do what you have to do. Take a look around at what’s available at what price for comparison. Some times you have an emotional vested interest in a piece of equipment and that makes it worth more to you. But the folks buying it have no attachment and therefore take it at face or market value. I restored my Dads tractor from the ground up to excellent condition, definitely keeping it.


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