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104 I purchased from the original owner

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Jul 14, 2018
Marvin keller
I purchased this 104 from the original 5 years ago and then sold it 3 years ago, which I regretted ever since. Then I spotted it on Craigslist for sale and I immediately got in touch with the guy and repurchased it without any hesitation. It's got a creeper drive and original paint and perfect seat and headlights. Also a tiller that's in excellent condition. I have a good hydraulic lift that I am going to install. I'm not going to make the same mistake again.


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Lucky you!!
I'm in the same boat with the 108 I let go for a song last year!!
By all means guard that seat with whatever it takes!!
They have got to be the purdiest seat Cub ever put on a GT
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Dad made the mistake of selling the #70 that we had since 1965 about 15-20 years ago to a co-worker that lived about a mile from their work. Dad drove past his place a half dozen times every day. Dad delivered the tractor, included the original operator's manual, spare key, even a full tank of gas, by the way, Dad and the new owner of the Cubbie both drove 5-axle fuel transports, a typical day was delivering 40,000 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel. A gallon of gas was nothing to them.
The new owner's teenage son mowed with it one time, shut it off about 20 feet from the garage, where it sat for a week, Dad told the co-worker that the Cubbie had only ever sat out maybe a dozen nights in 35 years, he should push it in the garage. And still it sat out, Dad reminded the co-worker several more times in front of other co-workers. Finally Dad said "If you don't put that Darned mower inside I'm coming to take it back. Guy must not have believed Dad, but the next Saturday Dad had to work, the other guy didn't the other guy had a bad hang-over and didn't hear Dad push the 70 to the bank in front of the guys house and into the back of Dad's pickup about 4:30 or 5 AM. Dad didn't wake the guy to return his $200. Dad took his truck to work with the Cubbie in the back. On the way home he stopped and gave the guy his $200. Didn't say a single word.
I've only ever parted with ONE cubbie, my 129, sold it at Dad's last auction that Dad sold about 10 other Cubbies and his 154 Cub. Dad had a 129 & tiller with a brand new 12 hp Magnum Kohler in it, I'd tilled Dad's garden with it, it looked like new and ran like it too. Think it brought around $900, my 129 & 44" deck brought $850, it had had the nicest paint of any tractors sold. Like I told Dad, basically I traded the 129 for his '51 M & loader. About 3-4 weeks later Son & I came down and picked up the M. Guy that used to post a lot on the Red Power forum disagreeded with me about what a great tractor the M was, He had one that was rusty, bad tires, no live hyd, no power steering, still 6 volt so probably wouldn't start, I kept telling him he bought the WRONG M, no options. He finally GAVE it away, I think mostly to prove to me how little he thought of it. Dad's M had M&W live hyd for the loader, Char-Lynn PS, 80 inch snow bucket for the Stan-Hoist loader, SON & I could have loaded and hauled 100, maybe 200 cubic yards of limbs from trees out of our yard in one day but I had to wait too long between loads for son to get back with the empty trailer from 5 miles away. As I got all the bulky stuff loaded and gone it was way too easy for me to exceed the 10,000# capacity of the trailer. SON used his 2014 RAM 2500 CTD to pull the trailer. Think we had around 25 heaped loads.
Fabulous stories- -both of you!
Forgot to mention that I am very partial to the 104 as that was the first garden tractor that I ever drove at 11 years old my brother bought one new. We later became massey ferguson , john deere and kubota dealers. I later went on my own and I sold simplicity toro and Yanmar. But nothing in my mind is a cub cadet.

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