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Looking for a good solid 50 c deck somewhere close to Iowa thank you
Looking for a couple of QL side panels and a rear lift set up for a 1450 thanks in advance
Looking for a pair of dual adapters for 6x12 tires email is in profile.
Looking for a Left Hand Mule plate for an O. Listed in the parts list as Part #465 057 R91 Support, LH tightener.

I bought a mule drive and did not realize that 2 right hand plates were supplied instead of 1 right and one left.

The excess right plate is available, sandblasted and painted.
I'm looking for a 'Spindle Cup Assembly'. I believe the part number is IH-473436-R93. It measures 4-1/4" overall length. Or a complete spindle assembly if the price is right. This is for the 42" deck on my 109. My e-mail is in my profile. Thanks!


Searching for a IH rear blade pivot pin knob. Also looking for a h42/h48 snow thrower spring ih-80224-c1 or haban number h3434
I'm looking for a pair of front rims for a 682. Tire size is 16"x6.5"-8" and the spindle is 1".
I'm looking for headlights and taillight for a 100. Email is in profile.
I'm looking for a damaged 'Spindle Cup Assembly'. I believe the part number is IH-473436-R93. It measures 4-1/4" overall length. Or a complete spindle assembly if you want to donate it?. This is for the 42" deck. I want to see if I can cut a new keyway 180 degrees from the original and do it on a original part.

My e-mail is in my profile. Thanks!

I have one with the keyway slot "wallowed" out. Not sure which size deck it came off of.
It is yours if you pay for the shipping.
It is the part in the first pic that Kevin posted.
Looking for a Cub 100 in need of a restoration, somewhere close to Iowa. thanks in advance email is in profile
Looking for a good gearbox (4-bolt style) for a #1/#2 rear mount tiller. Pulleys would be a plus. Contact via email in my profile. Thanks.
WTB Gas Tank for a 1971 IH Cub Cadet Model 147. This is for a restoration project so I need the tank to be correct. The condition of the paint on the tank would not be an issue as it will be repainted before it is installed. I would prefer something nice without dents or dings and clean inside. Thank you, Chris
Wanted, Wide frame Spring Assist front U Mount Bracket with Spacer PN/ IH-548381-R1. I just need the bracket, I have the spacer and the pin.
Thank you
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