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The Franken 169 Project

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Stephen Wattley

Well-known member
May 27, 2021
new jersey
Ok so the end of the 1200 overpriced cub. Now i found a so carfully maintained 169 IH cub that has been garage kept, has A huge snow blower that i think rarely used. It has some kind rear disk brakes. I have a complete set of old mauals even one for the snow blower
Here a pic


  • 20210604_215041.jpg
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yeah, something's off. What's the serial number? Is the tag on the left side of the frame or on the back of the rear axle?
lets see.....

205 = garden tractor

0049 = model 169

u = made in USA

519117 = July 1974 build date

I think I got that right... It is indeed a 169, although the engine may not be original to the tractor...
what he said, does it have the starter/generator or does it have just a starter?
You definitely have a later Kohler k341AQS engine in there. Not the original k341. The original would've had a starter/generator, but as that picture shows, there's just a normal starter. The coil is also mounted above the starter, it would've been mounted on the other side of the engine originally.
I have a 169..They are sought after by the tractor pulling crowd as you can overbore them and they will put out like 22 horsepower and put them in the 16 horse class and no one knows you have an advantage.. It looks to me like they got to that one.. That looks like they replaced the engine with a AQS engine which is a good engine, but I would stay away from it as it is a frankentractor...
For sure an AQS
Next question, is it for sure a 16HP
What type of engine mounting does it have
Should be bolted directly to the frame w/no ISO mounts.
Did the seller make mention of an engine swap??
Sure hope you did not overpay for a cobbled 169!
If the owner says it has been in his family its whole life and he says that is the original 169 engine then he is bull****ing you.. I would not walk away from that tractor I would run...
At the right price, it might be worth having. Maybe if you want to just use it and have no plans to resell it? Any trans creep or excessive trans noises? Trunion good? Compression test, smoking?

Are the mufflers still available for the original Kohler 16 HP engines?

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