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Feb 22, 2022
Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Hi everyone.

I bought this 107 on a package deal along with a 102. The 102 has the creeper gear that I need for my 128, but I don't have a need for the 107. I just replaced the coil and condenser to get it running. I just mowed the lawn with it a little while ago. It runs great! The brakes need to be adjusted, but the hydro is strong. Motor sounds healthy. The rear tires are filled with antifreeze. The charging system is not connected, nor are any of the lights. I didn't feel like messing with them. The battery that is in it goes to another tractor, so it will need a battery. I'll of course put one back in it to start it and test it out.

Also included is the mule drive from the 102. I also have two plow blades, a spare mower deck (it's in a few pieces, but looks complete and the steel is in great condition- the blades appear to be new), and a snow blower. I believe all of the parts are there for the plow blades and snow blower. The blower spins freely, but it will need some metal repair on the bottom, as it has a whole in it from sitting on the ground.

Price is $500 for everything included. I'm located in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Thanks for looking.


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