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Storing cubs outta the way

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Well-known member
Oct 6, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Mike Patterson
Just wondering what you guys do to store cubs for off season in sheds/garages with limited space?

I'm running into a space issue in my garage, winter being the worst. I refuse to leave stuff outside under a tarp, things need to be inside out of sight. I have to find room for 782, #4 trailer to fit into garage in the next few weeks.
Anyone ever "stack" cubs on some sort of racking? If so, how did you get them up there? Did you build some sort of lift, or just ramps to push them up? Pretty much need to come up with idea that I can move stuff on my own as I rarely have help handy. I'm looking g ro put the 100 and likely a parts tractor just a bit bigger than the 100 up out of the way. The parts tractor does roll on 4 tires, 100 rolls, hasn't run in a couple years.
I think Kraig posted a picture a long time ago of some cubs in storage, but can't lay my hands on it right now.

Ideas welcome!

I bought one of these slide-top units to free up space in my 2-bay garage. My lawn equipment, fuel cans, deck off my Cub, etc. live there.

Alternately, my Model 100 would fit in there, but only without the dozer blade and deck mounted.

Ever thought of a 4-post auto storage “car-stacking” lift? My garage ceiling isn’t high enough to accommodate one, otherwise an intriguing option.
this is a timely post for me given that i have made several unplanned acquisitions in the past few months that are going to need some winter storage since my tractor shop is also my woodshop and i have some woodworking projects planned for the winter. i have 4 truck caps, or toppers as some people call them, and a pile of used concrete blocks. i am going to create little side by side garages for mine that are just high enough to push the tractor inside. a stack of four 8" blocks at each corner will work and i'll do them close enough where i can use one stack for two caps. they are heavy fiberglass ones so i think the wind won't push them but if it does, i'll run ratchet straps across them for tie downs. probably going to do that this weekend if this covid crap gets out of my system by then. these caps have been sitting around here for years from various trucks i have had over the years. if i need more i see them on craigslist or FB marketplace for free or cheap quite a bit. most are old and ugly but weatherproof enough. they are actually the perfect size and i already use one to put push mowers under.
I have a 982 project tractor stripped down to the frame that will get stored until next year. To save space, I may "hang it" on the wall of my shed using a 12-volt winch.
how did you hoist it?
Nice for now, will likely curse the day I want to bring it down! lol.

Ramps up to the top of welding bench, put a boat winch in a sleeve hitch at end of bench, once on the bench I ratchet strapped it to the bench and rolled it over to the rack. Used a floor jack and blocks to put back end up and rolled it back and did the same for the front end. Think I will figure out something better to get it down, maybe ramps to bench and then to floor? Maybe by then I'll have a loader and can just roll it onto a pallet and let it down to the floor then?
1 down, now to find a home for another one for winter.
Nice sheds!
What ever you do, don't put them outside covered with a tarp or similar product. They will sweat and hold in moisture, making them rust like crazy! :shame:
No worries, I hate stuff outside under a tarp. Closest I come to that is a tarp shed, even that annoys me a little.

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