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Snow blower drive pulley

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New member
Nov 27, 2019
I have a model 673 snow blower on my lawn tractor. I bought it well used. The snow blower keeps throwing the long drive belt and I noticed that the 7" drive pulley on the blower just wobbles around. The bolt holding it on the shaft is tight but the pulley wobbles really bad. Threw the belt 5 times. Is it supposed to wobble? Or is the pulley bad? The belt is tight when on.
I've no idea what a 673 snow blower is.. but I'd say with some certainty that the pulley should NOT wobble. Sound slike you need to examine the parts for wear or damage. On what model tractor is this on?
I have at 1554 tractor. I ordered a new drive pulley I hope that fixes it


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We'll probably get dinged - this isn't an IH tractor - so we're posting in the wrong forum. Maybe one of the mods can move us if it's needed?
My guess is you have some bad bearings somewhere. That happened to mine a few years ago.
I had a similar issue on a QA-42. Both pulley and shaft were worn. When the set screws were tightened, that forced the pulley to be offset. I replaced both.