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Correct mower belt for a 147?

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Nov 4, 2019
East Greenwich RI
Got a 147 here. I want to replace the belt runs from the clutch pulley, around the mule pulleys to the mower cause it keeps throwing the belt off the pulley on the mule. The mower deck is a 482 U 1113. The belt that's on it now is a 4L780 which I know is not the correct belt, but the length seems about right, maybe a little long, based on the adjusting bolt position. I think the correct belt is a 3/8" X 80"PN/ IH-490489-R2. My concern is that belt is longer than the belt I have now and narrower so it will sit deeper in the pulleys. Seems like I'm going to run out of adjustment before I get it tensioned. There is another belt 3/8" X 79" SL PN/ IH-117465-C1 that is not listed for a 48" deck but seems like it might be a better fit but even that might be too long. Any thoughts before I order one of these belts? Thanks in advance. You guys always have the answers!
The belt part number you give is for a 42" deck. This is the correct belt for a 48" deck: IH-489397-R3-3/8 X 75 1/2"
The center drive pully on your 48" deck is smaller than the pulley on a 42" deck hence the need for the shorter belt that Matt mentioned (IH-489397-R3). You mentioned that the new belt (IH-490489-R2) is narrower than the belt you're replacing. That is correct and the way it should be. IH used narrower non-standard belt widths on their Cub Cadets until the 82 Series. The pulleys are designed for the narrower belts. Using a 1/2" wide non-Cub Cadet belt will not last long in the mule drive application due to all the flexing the belt goes through plus not seating properly in the pulleys. Also check your mule drive idler pulleys to make sure they rotate freely and smoothly if not, remove and replace. Throwing a belt is often a sign that the bearings in one of your idler pulleys is going bad.
The idler pulleys are OK but the pulley bracket that the spring is attached to was twisted. Some of it is due to wear between the bracket and shaft but also the bracket was bent/twisted as well. Took the mule off and bent/twisted the bracket back so the pulley is now in alignment. Need to get that 3/8" wide belt on there and it should be good as new LOL.

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