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Paint repair/body work question

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Sep 3, 2009
Reidsville, NC
Marty A. Gwin
I have a question for all the professional painters and body shop people on this site.
My truck just got "keyed" by some low life scum bag.
The scratches were evidently done by some type of steel, because they are pretty deep. There are two marks evenly spaced about 1/2" apart and about 10 to 12 inches long.
Can these scratches be fixed properly to look like it did before the damage? If so, explain how.
I am going to some local body shops for estimates, and to find out how they will fix it. I will need to know which one will do the best job by what they tell me.
Good thing I didn't see it happen. One of us would have left there in an ambulance. Guess you can tell, I am not happy.
Can't tell without a pic.. But if is as deep as it sounds, it needs sanded out and repainted.. Ask around who does the best work.. I used to be in the business and reputation is everything.. Let the insurance company take care of it..
Hesitant to let the insurance handle it. Would hate for my insurance to go up for the next 5 years, and have to pay them an extra 5K in premiums for a 1K job!
Here are two pics. Not the best at taking them, but maybe you can tell more about it.


Talk to your insurance agent.. That kind of damage is not your fault and should not change your premiums.. If you don't want to turn it in you can also go to Amazon and get a paint touch up pen that work pretty well.. Find your vehicle year model and paint code and clean the area well and remove all wax, etc. and touch up the scratch.. One end will be color and the other end for clear coat.. I have seen good results but it will not be perfect..
Thanks. I may call them after I calm down.
I special ordered this truck, and paid 62K for it. I want it to look like it never happened.
Thanks for the offer Ray. There is a good body shop fairly close to me, so I will probably let them fix it for me.
Went to two body shops and got estimates. Both quoted around $850 to redo the entire fender and replace the trim. They also said that comprehensive would cover it without my premiums going up. Probably will call my agent tomorrow.
My blood pressure is still up, literally. Haven't been in the mood to do anything.
That sounds like a fair price Marty... I know what you mean about trying to keep something nice.. Always seems like it is a target...Good Luck..
Two months shy of having it 5 years! Ordered it around June of 17' and got it Sept. 6th. One body shop owner doing the estimate asked if it was a new truck. I said no, a 18' model. He said it still smells like a new vehicle inside. I told him I am very particular about my truck. Every time I take it to get it inspected, they state that it is a very clean truck. This is my second, and hopefully, last truck purchased. It will have to last me the rest of my days.
Still driving my first truck some, bought back in 87'. Has 270K miles on it, and the motor has never been touched. I would still be driving it to work if the AC hadn't quit on me. :)
The only thing you have to worry about now is getting the trim moldings in time as auto parts right now are back ordered like crazy..Look at all the new trucks sitting waiting on computer parts..I have a neighbor who has a truck they can't drive because they are waiting on engine parts and the payments keep coming and the dealer won't give them a loaner...
I thought about that. I can use the trim that is on it now until the new one comes in. The one on it now just has a nice scratch on it.
They may have enough time to get the trim in. I think the body shop I will go with is booked up for the next 8 weeks.
Last edited:
I have noticed that you can't get anything anymore, and I mean anything! Furniture, appliances, AC units, auto parts, metal carports/buildings, fasteners of all types, lumber, building materials. The list goes on and on.
Is everything made overseas?
I may get a new big screen tv..They finally got all those ships unloaded and a huge surge went into the supply stream and stores like target and others all of a sudden had no were to put all the stuff and are paying a fortune to warehouse it..Some stuff is going really cheap and other stuff you can`t find.. It's a real mess...

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