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All apart now. Gonna take a complete set of measurements tomorrow, then order what I need, once parts are in hand, I’ll deliver to the machine shop for over bore.


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The sea foam is not good ever tear down a carb with the residue in it carb cleaner will not remove it, the trans fluid helps clean it out the other way is to Intervenously inject chem-Tool into the carb while running and slowly and it really cleans out the carbon used it too on the small air compressors on the company trucks and gas compressors in the field some old 1197 6 cylinders we would run two qts through the intake to clean it up run valves and new plugs then changed the oil in each one ever 35 days on average !!!!!
Sea Foam not good???????????. Bet a lot of techs are surprised
Sea Foam not good???????????. Bet a lot of techs are surprised
Not surprised I’ve had to try to remove the stuff Sense it came out for sale it’s sticks in the lines, drys up and paints the inside of the carb and carb cleaner won’t remove it, ya have to scrape and small brush ever square inch of it, a lot of jets (small port fuel metering holes) plug plum up !!!! Ya don’t even want to run ethanol because it turns to varnish sugar in no time, pure gas with no additional add ins the best and start them all winter ever two weeks for an hour everyone sure looks at ya funny in the snow or ice !!!! But it keeps ya from cleaning carbs, fuel tanks and keep the tank either full or completely empty !!!! I run fuel cut off valves and when done run till out of gas the kill the key switch !!!!
Took all the measurements, gotta replace the connecting rod too.

Figured since I need the piston and connecting rod that I may as well just get a complete overhaul kit.

So I ordered that with the .20 over pistons, and pressed the bearings out of the bearing plate.

So it will get a total refresh.

Now that Im getting into it, Im having second thoughts about if I really want to sell it later.

So I might keep it.

I Took the deck off the tractor, thats not worth saving. And started the cleaning process. Lots of grime on this machine.

Also started looking at tires. Wierd size on this machine. D78-14 trailer tires.

Like the size of them, so I think 6-14 AG tires would be about the same size.

Trying to figure out if I can get my wheelhorse long frame plow to mount to this tractor. Then It would be a functional machine for me.

No space for show only machines for me.


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I have a bad habit of over building things, comes from rebuilding all the Dozers, scrapers, tractors, old bikes I like bigger motors, better traction, and more durable Women makes life more worth it !!!🤠
The toys are a big habit SIR !!!


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Me too got rid of the 60 year old Harley, it’s a 1956 GMC 400 small block 4bolt, 400 trans 1967 model out of a station wagon on trans, the engine was built with TRW parts, 40 over pistons 10.4/1 still got to change rear end 5.25 to low !!!! For pulling trees I think with its original six !!!!
I’ve lived with so many machines that I’ve restored and used them all got three zero turns 2-Toro titans Z4800 one Kohler, one Briggs, 1-Exmark Pioneer S model 48” cut with ultra vac, double bag system, my bike is a 2008 Kawasaki VN900 Classic with the big front tire sure helps on the Texas & Oklahoma Panhandle roads had to print roads five time word perfect kept changing it to toads ????? Have a good one, the pride is in the finished job and using the machine constantly for real enjoyment !!!! The best of TIMES SIR !!!!! May the WINDS OF FAVOR ALWAYS BE AT YOUR BACK AND YOUR SAILS FULL OF ON THE MOVE WIND !!!!