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cub cadet 72

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Will bradshaw

Mar 20, 2021
Dorchester county maryland
I inherited a 1968 cub cadet 72 from my great uncle who bought it new. i have completely restored it and added most of the factory options to it. but i have ran into a problem. my starter generator was not charging at all so i went into pasco and they rebuilt it and when they rebuilt it they beefed up the coils in it for more charge since i am going to be running a few electrical implements. when i got the starter back i hooked everything back up and when i hit the key it will turn over slowly an then stop almost like there is too much compression in the motor but the compression release is working properly ive even tried to jump start the tractor but nothing chnages. [ i will add that sometime in the late 70's my uncle had it "repowered" with a 12hp k301 engine] i am thinking that my solenoid in the dash tower has gone bad since i have checked wiring diagrams and have a brand new battery. any suggestions would help greatly!!
I put new field coils in a starter generator that acted just like that a little more than a year ago. did you jump start straight to the starter ?
If you look up my thread HARD TO START 149 , I show that the charging side of the field had a short in it which made it gutless and not charge .
So this morning I’ve been working on it again and I’ve tested the starter and everything is working as it should. But I did check the voltage that the starter was getting and when it would turn it was getting around 11volts but when it would stop turning over (while still holding the key switch) it would only get 9-10 volts
Well I spoke too soon. After running for a while she started running bad acting like the points were out of adjustment I shut it down and after letting it cool off I checked the points and the plastic on the points had melted causing them not to spark. Any suggestions?
A couple of things can happen . the resistance through the secondary winding should read around 3 ohms. if it happens to be a coil set up for an external resistor everything will tend to run hot . If the coil wire was loose or dirty at the points more heat then melted terminal nut . a loose points spring can then ground out by rubbing on the bracket.
how would i test the ohms? ive always had horrible luck when it comes to electric ignition systems lol. when i had the gen rebuilt i had them replace the stock coils in it to 30 amp to get more juice out of it. could that have anything to do with it?
I have not heard about 30 amp field coils for these tractors. new Regulators are really junk . Our local re-builder doesn't order ones made in mexico and the usa ones he got me say made in india .
This is a picture of the old one I took when I started restoring it and this is the one that I found on Amazon that is on it now


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Digger is right on by wanting to see the pics as they are different regulators.

The one one the right is the same one on my 106.

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