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This is a picture of the old one I took when I started restoring it and this is the one that I found on Amazon that is on it now
The main issue I see is, you have all 4 terminals on your old one hooked up and the L terminal is for lights which you do not have.
yes but there was a ground wire in the harness that went to the original regulator and the engine wouldnt crank over unless it was grounded
Check your wiring,
Yes so that the field part of the regulator works accurately . Not that any of the ones I have do work all the time on my big tractors. I have 7 garden tractors that use a mechanical regulator and 22 farm tractors that do also.
Regulators ground through the base as Digger said last night so put the ground wire on one of the bolts that mount it. As for the problems it sounded like your starter didn't crank without the regulator ground connected ?
I thought that was the case but I double checked that after I got off work a little while ago and it did crank without the regulator ground connected. Did some digging last night and found a kit containing the points, condenser and a new coil all made in America supposedly so I’m waiting for that to come in now

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