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My 982 refurb project

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Well I finally got the decals on the 982 and ran her outside for some "glamour" model shots. The refurbishing work is mostly complete now, although there is still some small details things I want to do yet. The project took longer than I expected (starting in Sep. 2012), but I found more things to do fix once I got into it. My guess is it probably looks better than factory delivered state - but just my opinion. Here are the standard model shots in my front yard. Enjoy!






I may post some more things later concerning any final tractor details I take on, or if I tackle refurb of the 50" mower deck that came with tractor. I've really enjoyed this project! I may even decide to look for another CC for next winter's project. Cheers.
It looks great Dennis! You should pat yourself on the back for a job well done. A set of front ribbed tires would really set it off.
Dennis--Great job! She is a beauty
. I've really enjoyed following this thread. You worked hard, stuck with it, and shared with us the process and more importantly, the COMPLETED machine. Thanks so much for rescuing another great piece of CC history. You can be proud of this tractor. I'll keep my eyes open if you decide to do another one and will follow each post!

Great Work
Dennis: Your tractor looks super (pun intended) --and so shiny! I can see my reflection in the side panels. I just want reach out and touch it. Great job, and thank you for telling your story in pictures.

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