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M18 hot

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Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Dec 8, 2019
Woodbury, Pennsylvania
While I screw around fixing the hack job of wiring on my 1872, I decided to fire it up and take the little guy for a ride up and down the street in a cart. Figured it hadn't run in over 2 months, best run it a little bit. While trying to start it, I found the tank completely empty. So now I have to shut off the fuel until I figure that one out. Anyhoo, long story short, I took it for a spin for about 5-10 minutes and when I parked it and shut it off, I wanted to reach in and shut off the valve located inside the left shield. I was surprised at how hot it was, nothing to burn but enough that I couldn't hold the choke cable for more than 5 seconds or so.

Is this normal?... I don't think my 1450 ran that hot but then again, I never had a reason to get in there digging around after running it for a while...
Magnums do run on the hot side. It's imperative that the tins are removed and everything blown out at the beginning of each season. Also clean the lower belly screen below the engine. The air flow on these was marginal to begin with.
The Kohler KT-17 engines in Cadets like the 782 also run hot. As for fuel running into the cylinders, I installed a shutoff valve in the line just before the fuel pump. Easy to get to....just raise the hood