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Sometimes old work horses never die

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Oct 5, 2020
Staunton, Va
So brief thank you to the gentlemen that answered my mule drive question earlier. Thank you. After repairing the mule drive on my 106 I tried to run a few laps mowing the back yard and found out the engine started bogging pretty hard. I figured it would be one of those pocket book taxing ordeals coming. I assumed the spindle bearings were getting hot and slowing down since the mower deck I haven’t touched since getting the cub and tearing into the clutch and wiring harness and a few cans of spray paint and etc. my yard had gotten pretty out of hand since my other mower had threw a drive belt. I got this old girl out the barn this evening, shot some more grease into the spindles and gave it a shot. She bucked at first popping and cracking under load having to adjust the choke to smooth it out. I had to stop to take a phone call from the father in law ironically about a new John Deere x330 at the dealership for sale and cracked a beer while talking. I came back out and fired her up and I’ll be dipped she ran better and less fussy while finishing the side and front. Surprised the hell out of me and made me smile thinking about using my granddads old 104 many years ago at our camp every weekend. So, they may be old but they still are the greatest generation and sometimes they just come back to life 😀
I thought I had pics of the trip home when I get it but they must be gone. Any how here’s a few. Thanks all


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Nice story Zach. Maybe you noticed my tag line in old posts.

Hydro Harry
Old Cubs Never Die
(they just find another resting place)

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