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gary noblit

Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
Jul 22, 2020
It was challenging to figure yr of yellow lo-boy...Turns out engine is a 66 and frame casting numbers lead to a 74. The square hood was used for several yrs but many parts interchange... I had very real issue with oil pressure as in none.Once I had it running I believed the gauge was rusted so bad it couldn't work>A magneto fired engine it purrs.The oil gauge replaced,still no pressure the hunt began by removing pan.No problems seeable but oil was dripping from everywhere so pump was working.I removed pressure reg and cranked it ;oil came out.What I eventually discovered after hours of talking to others.The old gauge was mounted in the wrong place,correcting that allowed 30# to show on new guage..I wonder how many yrs it had been that way?? cleaning and painting began in ernest,new seat made by local lady plus oak backboard,choke cable mount installed,hyd stops repaired, just many small time eating repairs.The new radiator was highest expense..Once the rear wheels are removed and painted I'm calling it good.(all with rattle cans ) It has been a good feeling to bring this ugly duckling back to liveable...Road tested,it's fun to drive and whizzes right along in high gear...


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