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Hydro Pump Shaft Hole Egged Out

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Ben Vos

New member
Oct 31, 2023
I am working to restore my 1981 IH Cub Cadet 782. The hole in the shaft that comes out of the front of the hydro pump (which then connects to the driveshaft) appears to be egged out/elongated from wear. See the picture I've attached. It is worn to the point that the spiral pin cannot be tightly held by the shaft. It seems to me that only the coupling assembly yoke (PN 903-0794) is what is holding the spiral pin from falling out of the shaft. I have been told that this is not a common problem and that normally the yoke wears out in the manner that I am talking about. This problem means that the spiral pin has a bit of play in it. The hydro pump shaft can rock back and forth against the spiral pin. I believe this will cause the spiral pin to break more easily. Eventually, the hydro pump shaft hole could expand to the point where the shaft breaks as well.

Does anyone have ideas for a fix for this? I wondered about swapping in an entirely new (used) hydro, but they are hard to find. Any sources for a used hydro? Thanks in advance.

Maybe drill it larger and tap it. Then thread a plug in the shaft and redrill it for the correct size pin. Another option would be to disassemble and weld up the hole then machine it back to spec.
Out of my own curiosity, I did a quick search on eBay. It took about 5 minutes to find just the input shaft. Try looking at one of the sponsor sites first. You may be able to find a shaft reasonably priced. I would only try repairing that shaft as a very last resort. Parts are not that hard to find, yet. I would educate myself as to what models would fit and start looking for a good used one.

Thank you for the input everyone. I have found a local(ish) shop that is going to go through the entire unit for me. They have a new input shaft they will swap in.
Where are you located in Iowa?
Located near Pella. I ended up buying a bearing/input shaft, seals, and gaskets from a hydro rebuild shop and replaced the shaft myself. We'll see if I put it back together correctly when I am done rebuilding the 782.


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Good luck w/your project Ben.
I'm cleaning up a couple of my Cubs to take to the Red Power Roundup in Spencer come June.
Mainly the 149 w/DanCo loader that has seen quite a bit of use since I restored it in 2019.

Pella , eh?
I hauled a lot of equipment out of Vermeer for CRST Flatbed before I retired in 2012.
Also pullies from another plant there, can't recall the name of it though.

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