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Hello for north Carolina

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Daniel west

New member
Aug 17, 2023
Clinton nc
Hi I'm Daniel I live in north Carolina I have recently come across two zero turn cub cadets rzt 50 and zforce 50 I am currently in the process of seeking parts and repairs for both of them hoping getting ideas from all the experts on this forum thanks
Welcome to the forum from another tarheel!
Some of the others on this site can help you. I am pretty much confined to the early early models.
Well let's see the zforce 50 I need to adjust the carb and throttle cables properly got a cheap carb for the Kohler also need a deck was gonna go for a 50 inch deck but hard to find 700$ upwards I was wondering will a 60 inch zforce deck fit on that particular mower also the decompression lobe on the camshaft as slung off the rzt 50 intek engine does anybody know of compatible engines I could replace it with I've got an old Kohler cv20s and maybe some other vtwin inteks that could fit
there is a man near lumberton that re-builds decks. he might have one.
i see his ads on eastnc craigslist lawn and garden.
mills international in kinston has been a big help answering questions for me.
Welcome from New Bern, NC. (East Coast)

Seems like us North Carolinians are plentiful on this forum!

Here is my first Cadet 60. Sadly, it was crushed by a falling tree during a tropical storm. Replaced by 6 others, but not as good as this one was.

its that time of year around here for tropical storms. dont say the H word.
actually wanted a rear engine snapper but can not complain about my 1973 128. needs tires soon but it is great for my needs.
How is it going out there now? Looks like it has passed, but the waves are up according to reports.