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Nov 12, 2022
Pittsburgh Pa.
I have transformed my 2182 into a dedicated front loader, converting it to a Kubota D600 diesel, It has a rough idle and I suspect the injector/s may be the issue. It runs smooth, no blow by or smoke under heavy load or a high RPM with lots of power otherwise. I'll try to clean them or inspect them ,but just as a pre prep I was searching for new injectors for the D600 which are KB-15841-53000 as is listed Part# for the Cubs which came with the D600 and I think these are made out of gold being what they currently sell for..Any way when I find these on websites specializing in the Kubota parts there are a whole host of other part numbers following this part# indicating they will work for other applications too..Several websites lists this part number KB-15841-53000 to work in several Kubota engines such as D600, D640, V800 and V1200...The D640 is a KB-19667-53000 superseded to KB-1G111-53000 but is NOT listed or noted as to work in a D600...Is there any reason why I couldn't use this Kb-1G111-53000 or KB19667-53000 D640 injector in my D600..To make it simple if I can use the 15841-53000 for the D640 why can't I use the 19667-53000 (D640 injector) in my D600???...What is the difference if anyone can help here please.....


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