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Jun 22, 2002
Park Rapids Mn.
Anthony K.
I think this might solve your problem, providing you have the right deck hanger and mule drive for your tractor.

Along with this page.
Wow, thanks guys !

How rare are the front and rear PTO's ? How about the hydro pump setup? is that hard to locate?
STEVENSON - Bushings at the ends of the rear axles aren't that bad a deal. Dad's old 1965 CC 70 which has worn out two K161's, two K181, maybe three still has the original bushings & seals and that rearend is dry as a bone on the outside....and it does have oil in it. My 72 on the other hand which has been run MUCH harder leaked like a sieve from both axle carrier seals because the bushings wore so it got new seals and replacement NEEDLE ROLLER bearing axle carriers that were avail. on the Hydro and finally larger HP gear drive tracrtors. Unfortunately I don't think there's any way to get needle bearings into a '61 to '63 Cub Cadet without machine work.
CHARLIE & KRAIG - There was another "Special Attachments" brochure besides that one wasn't there? Seemed like it was about 12 or 16 pages with 3-4 attachments per page.
Denny, yes there is an 11 page SDE (Special Duty Equipment) catalog from the early 1960's that was for the Original. Charlie posted the Attachment pages from a brochure for the Original.






Stepped out a lunch and went over to Autozone and snagged a little 90 degree 1/8 PT brass fitting with a 1/4 ID nipple on it. A little pipe dope, quart or two of fresh gas and my new 129 lit up in 1 and 1/2 turns. Idles perfect, spools right out, no smoke. BUT, I got a funny "clanging" noise coming from the front somewhere. Put a long-handled screwdriver to my ear and rested it on the head and a couple other places I could reach but could not locate it.

I've never owned a single cylinder Cub before and don't know if that sound is characteristic of them. It is tied to RPM but when I turn the engine over without the spark plug in it the sound disappears (I was thinking maybe I sanded the head a little TOO much and had a valve banging but, on second thought, the clearances can't be that close in there...I hope).

It almost seems like it's coming from around the PTO or the starter/generator.

Any ideas? Please tell me these things just make noises unlike my 782...
A few weeks ago I ordered PPG paint code 90592 from on online paint vendor. I am trying to match IH-902 white. The FAQ shows this as being the PPG paint code to match 902 white. When I received the paint, it was gray. I called them today to see what was going on and they said that it was supposed to be gray. They looked up the mixture and it called for 186 grams white, 26 grams black and 11 grams of yellow. Has anyone else here used this paint code before? If they have the incorrect mixture I would like to be able to prove it.

Thanks in advance for any help ya’ll may have.

Chris C.
Define "gray." Pictures say everything.

902 is the "whitest" of the off-whites, while 901 has a greenish tint and 935 is creamy.
Your my main Man Kraig!!!!!!!!!!! Love those pictures. Think the Umbrella Snow would make a great addition to my 1650.

KRAIG - That's the one. Anyone ever seen a "Golf Ball Retriever"? That COVINA belly blade would be neat too. I think M&W made a belly blade also. Wish My home-made one tilted a bit.
And maybe some day I'll find a reasonably priced set of gang reel mowers...the wider the better. Then I won't have to use 20 HP to mow a 50" wide strip....I can use a small portion of 7 HP to mow EIGHT feet!

What's really sad is how little ALL that stuff cost back then....but wages were about $1.50/Hr for a good job!

I wish I could post a picture of it. Have you ever used Rust Oleum gray automotive primer? If so, it is a little bit lighter in color than that, but very close.


Chris C.