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Tractor Wanted Cub Cadet wanted 0-3K$

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May 5, 2022
Fairview Tennessee
Hello From Tennessee,

Copied from New user introduction area with a price added. Left all info for background and use info.

Follower of Jesus, Husband, Father, Just retired from the Army, enjoy hunting, trapping, fishing, and just about all things mechanical. The Lord has just blessed us with the opportunity to raise our young kids on and be stewards of a beautiful 15 acre mostly wooded property roughly 50 min SW of Nashville. And looking for a Cub Cadet to put into service to maintain said property.

I've been looking around at everything from old Jacobsen GTs (my dad still has the one I grew up driving though she now only does snow plow duty and leaks hydraulic fluid like a sieve), to Case 448s, to Snapper/massey ferguson 1650s, farm alls, simples... but I keep coming back to the Cub Cadets... I think a 125 might be about right but a 14 or 16 horse could be better for my purposes...

Property has about a acre to mow around the house, a 3 acre 65-75yd wide strip of overgrown brushy field that needs reclaimed for food plot purposes, 300yd gravel driveway to maintain, 11 acres of woods to maintain, logs to drag (mostly downhill), fire pits and campsites to prepare, backstops for shooting ranges to build... She will have her work cut out for her ohh and did I mention this is mtn ground with 2 streams and multiple draws... so some steep areas, some wet areas, some steep and wet areas. Gonna have to get a winch for the front of her :) she gonna be a Mtn Tractor working girl!!!

Needless to say looking for a Cub Cadet of the 125 to the 169 variety in working or very near to working order with some attachments. Not looking for perfect.
In a perfect world attachments would be a 3 pt hitch, mower, brush hog, rear grader, trailer and the infamous near non existent sickle... hey a guy can pray/dream right? Definitely not expecting all that at once but if the good Lord so provides im not gonna say no! Looking to spend anywhere from 300$ to 3000$

So Hello and I'm here to find a Cub Cadet! Lord may I find one for a reasonable price before I get tempted pulled astray and buy something green!

Trust in God and keep your powder dry!