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Kraig any way you can add that to our smiley selection?

I used the cub cadet 129 seat-time to haul chicken manure today.
I hate to say it, but I do have to agree with Steve. The "Quietlines" now they are 30ish years old, do like to rattle a bit. I have 2 a 1450 and a 1650 and they bot rattle, but rattle in different ways. The 1450 I know the hood hinge rattles and I have not had the 1650 long enough to track it down. I will say, at the right RPM they will stop rattling. I have a bungee cord on the 1450 hood that takes most of the rattle away, however something in the seat/fender pan rattles when you are not sitting on it, haven't figured that out yet as everything back there seems tight. It is getting split in the near future for a cork gasket, maybe we will find something then. I think the 1650 rattle is in the hood or side panels. Fortunately, it quits rattling above half throttle.... we shall see. From what I have seen, the 82 series hood and sidepanels seem to be fastened a bit better, and with the different hood hinge design, the front castings don't rattle. The twin that does not vibrate like the singles do, I think helps keeping everything from loosening up. One of these days I will get all the rattles fixed.... maybe...
Scott Nicklas

A few rattles are necessary . A noisy Cub running great is better than a quite one. I love the bark of a stack on a great working Cub like my 149 . Ear plugs are an option for a few rattles lol.

I wear hearing protection whenever I am using a Cub Cadet, even a quietline or the 782. I learned that lesson back in the early 80's that hearing protection is MANDATORY on our 149. I like the earmuff style hearing protection. Actually, a set of earmuffs was one of the first accessories I got to go with my 1450. We didn't use any hearing protection for several years, but after getting off the tractor and our ears were ringing and half deaf the rest of the day, we knew we needed to change something. Dad brought home 2 pair of earmuffs and we never ran one again without hearing protection. I do agree, I love the bark of a single cylinder Kohler when you are really working it, like plowing, or tilling hard ground. I am looking forward to this winter hearing the 1650 with a 42" thrower with a full throat of snow, I bet that will bark also.
I also wear hearing protection when using my CC. People try and ask me something when I'm using it and I'm like "HUH?" cuz I use the in the ear plugs. I used to use dad's 125 w/o when I was younger and I remember my ears stinging after I was done mowing. Ear protection is a must IMO.
Jeff B.: Did you ever put the Johnson 10 loader on the 149?
Frank, slowly building the 149 now called the 129 loader
So far I have a new axel pin installed and all new ball joints up front, but The steering still needs to be dialed in with the ball joint adjustments.

The engine in it is a 12hp And I pulled that out yesterday so I can clean the #%^*%^& mouse nest out from the shroud.

The end user of this loader keeps reminding me that she is waiting to use it.

I just have to much other work that ends up prioritizing itself infront of the loader
Did someone say LOADER???? This 125 with a DANCO Loader followed my son home and he's got no space left.
Hydro, I found the light switch that is from my #1 125. It was in the box I was thinking it was in, feels good that my rememberer is still working.
This is the 125 that my parents bought new in 1969 with the lights installed.

UNDER EDIT: Hydro, your son needs to build another garage/storage building. That 125 looks like a keeper to me.



Kraig - Oh REALLY Great One Keeper of the Photos. You know, your rememberer is really workin'. I'll be on the look-out for that type of switch knob from now on. Boy, 1969, wasn't that a great year - I graduated HS and went off to the Navy. Looks like the lights and chains were a really good price, but the snow thrower was actually quite expensive back in 1969. Any idea what your folks traded-in?