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'61 original

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Aug 16, 2011
robert booker
starting restoration on a '61 original that is to be my sons tractor. story behind the tractor: it was bought new and used on a local 3000 acre quail hunting plantation for years and cut many an acre of grass. one of the workers on the place had a left leg amputation so it was rigged with a hand clutch so he could drive it and it was actually used as his motorized wheelchair around the farm. after its service it sat in my grandfathers shop for 40-45 years. a few years after he passed we moved it to our farm. i had a son and my dad decided to get it running again for him and left the restoration up to me. after having it in original shape for a year or two i am starting the restoration. got started with the deck this weekend and all of the white/cream parts. will go back to the oil bath air cleaner sometime soon. want to find a #1 cart to pull my kids in with it a some point. plan to have it finished before our tractor show in november. stay tuned!


deck before

deck after
Robert B. That is a cool story. Are you planning on keeping the hand clutch as part of the tractor's history?
Robert- I am a sucker for resto projects and I promise you that I will be keeping a close eye on your project. I have a '62 Original that I bought a week ago for my 7 year old son with the same purpose in mind. I look forward to your progress. We love pics on the whole forum but nowhere is it cooler than here on the resto and refurb page (before and after like your deck and especially in between)! Sooooo...Keep the camera handy!!!

Welcome to the forum, glad you found us!
Robert, great story. I refurbished an Original a couple of years back, most of the work on it was done in 2008. I posted regular updates on it at the time but we didn't have the "Refurbish & Restorations ONLY!" forum area back then. If you do a forum search using k4k as the keyword, you'll find TONS of my progress posts. I still need to refurbish my mower deck and non-spring trip dozer blade. Both have been disassembled and are partially refurbished. I posted some photos and info regarding Original mower decks in the main forum for you.
the "hand clutch" was a piece of iron or rebar attached to the foot clutch and was removed years ago so i dont have it. it would be neat but i would rather get it back to totally original.

i will be sure to seek out some of your photos kraig, because i know i will have other questions along the way.

the engage pedal for the deck was red so i repainted it red. made sense to me but again others ive seen were white.
making some progress but it has been tough with trying to clean up all this alabama snow.


since i have been running a cotton picker every day that i'm not having to do my real job, the restoration is having to take place early in the morning when the dew is heavy or well after dark. i still plan to have it finished in time for our local tractor show on nov. 12. i have had "a little help(er)"


sunday night i reassembled the painted chassis, and now i am finishing paint on some other parts and the engine and hope to get it all done in the next few weeks.

Robert, looks like you're making some good progress! Ya gotta love fresh yellow and white paint.
It's nice to have a helper. Is he the future owner of the Original?
As great as it is that your're keeping IH history alive, it EVEN GREATER that you are spending these times with you "helpers"!! Remember that these tractor are just iron, the "steel" is the bond you have with your kids. My younger helper is now away in college and and oldest helper is going to have her helper (or my new helper) in Janurary. Cherish these times, they grow fast.
kraig, he is actually the current owner of this tractor as it was my dads idea to restore it for him. i am just the caretaker and restoration specialist! as you may have noticed in the picture, over his shoulder in the background is a #1 cart that i also need to get restored in the next 3 weeks so we will be prepared for some tractor rides before the show as well.

tom, you are correct that they do grow up quite fast. i will be glad when i can put him on a tractor or in a cotton picker himself to work with me, but for now i am really enjoying him riding with me and napping in the tractor like i used to do with my dad.
Looking great Robert! It is awesome to see these things come back to life, even better than new. Keep up the good work. It's sweet to have those little helpers, isn't it?
update: was able to do some reassembly on sunday. i've got to do some work on the carb and i'll bring it back to life. then put in the grill, bolt on the hood, steering wheel, and the deck and it will be done. started restoration on the #1 cart today. hope to finish all of it this weekend.


1961 cub cadet original serial no. 9358 rides again. put the finishing touches on this afternoon. thanks to charlie at ccw for some prompt shipping on a few last minute parts. the deck is all done as well but i think i am going to leave it off for the time being.

finished product

we had our annual antique tractor, engine, and car show this weekend and there was a great turnout. the original garnered quite a bit of attention. my only goal was to have everything done ahead of time so my wife could drive the kids in the parade and everything went according to plan. everyone had a great time.

william and his sister mary martin

s/n 9358

my wife driving the kids with me following on one of my 1939 model B's
Looks like you were able to save some of that Alabama snow for the kids. Bet that made for a comfortable ride. Great resto. on the Original and wagon!