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Paul Pillot

Mar 16, 2024
Canton, OH
Hello, My name is Paul Pillot I am in Canton Ohio. I acquired a 2182 Cub Cadet a few years ago, it was free. There was one prior owner. There had been a fire caused by an electrical issue. The original owners son in law, an engineer, rewired it and got it running after it had set for several years. I located a replacement hood, grill, side panels and instrument panel. I have a great connection to a person that does sandblasting and powder coating. He completely refinished the 60" Haban deck. It runs great. My issue is with the wiring. Because of the fire all of the original connectors from the back half of the main harness to the entire pedestal were destroyed. All wiring is now direct. When rewired he was not able to maintain all of the original wire colors. This makes tracing very difficult. What I need is a needle in a hay stack. I need a main harness for a 2182 or at least the back portion of the harness. I have the other harnesses. Can anyone advise.

Thanks for your time, Paul
Hi Paul, Sounds as if the owner before you rebuilt the whole thing. I am seeing the issues with the wiring, I hope someone here can help you figure it out and make it better.
And welcome to the forum.